Your Mission and Life Purpose: Make It Happen!

Here we have a great question from someone who identifies himself as one of my “groupies.”  (By the way, it means a lot to have “fans” and “groupies” rather than intellectual “snipers” around me…) So here’s this loyal reader’s question, along with my GBK-ing (Gentle Butt Kicking) answer…

Question: “Barnsley, I have a dream and want to help people internationally with my ministry but I am tired of having to ask for money and all the stress involved in my work with prisoners. I am feeling like a defeated warrior and am doubting my calling. Please give me some ideas for what I can do right now.” John, Missionary to Central America, currently residing in Clayton NC

Answer: John, We ALL doubt our calling at times–That is natural. 

And we are all subject to feelings of dejection. If you take any great leader, inventor, artist, or other personage, you’ll find that they suffered through times of supreme self-doubt.

BUT, you have incredible resources and I want to give you three ideas for what you can do:

1) Keep a file of cards, notes, emails, anything nice sent from the people you have helped or worked with, and when you feel down, pull something out of there and reread it. Keep pulling items out and rereading until you feel your spirits soar again! We all need fans and you undoubtedly have plenty of them! So get your folder and start that file TODAY!

2) Keep your spiritual practice going on a daily basis. That may be meditation or prayer. For others it may be taking a reflective walk in nature or writing in a journal. Whatever gets you centered again, do it DAILY. Don’t talk about it, DO it! We often forget to do our spiritual practice when things are busy and stressful–and that’s when we MOST need the lift!

3) Know that everywhere you go and EVERYTHING YOU DO is part of your mission. Figure out where your message and your mission are most needed and work in that arena! Who needs to listen to what YOU have to say? Who needs you unique combination of skills and life experience? Who needs your wisdom and knowledge? Get clear on who your audience is and WHEREVER THEY ARE, get a plane ticket and go! 

Whatever you do DON’T GIVE UP! What you have to offer is absolutely VITAL on our planet. And if you don’t keep moving in the direction of your dream, it will pass away when you do, a sobering thought!

The only way a dream becomes REAL is through hard work, persistence, and the belief of the OWNER of that dream—and their raving fans—in its VITAL IMPORTANCE and NECESSITY in the world.

So, go have some fun and then BACK TO YOUR MISSION! Lighten up and things will be a lot easier…


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