Why Reiki Healing is a Global Health Method Part 3

Ha!  You took the bait in my last post, huh?  I’ll just pretend like you didn’t come back just to figure out if you need a prescription for a little blue pill.  You’re forgiven.  On to more reasons why healing hands reach out across the globe and Reiki rocks!

  • Reiki gives you a closer connection to those whom you treat.  You’ll find yourself becoming closer to your family, friends, pets, and clients. Not inappropriately just on a different level of spiritual love for humanity and each individual expression of that love.
  • Reiki detoxifies your body and soul in a gentle yet continuous way. You’ll find yourself feeling better, lighter, and with more pep in your step as you let go of toxins in your body and toxic thoughts in your mind.
  • Your creativity will soar with Reiki. You’ll have ideas, brainstorms, or visions with Reiki.  No, not of psychedelic lava lamps or Elvis reappearing, but powerful visions of your purpose in life and how to accomplish it.
  • Reiki is not a energetic Band-Aid you slap on your symptoms though it can help relieve them.  It’s a preventive health method.  Reiki strengthens your immune system and constitution. It treats the symptoms but also the underlying causes of dis-ease.
  • Reiki is the all-natural Viagra! Yesiree,  you got that right!  Reiki is the aphrodisiac you want without the side effects!  Reiki yourself, and ALL your organs and there’s a good chance you’ll wake up happy!

There you have it, folks.  Reiki, that holistic healing method recognized by the World Health Organization, has tons of different uses.  So rub those hands together and sign up for a class or individual treatment today!


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