Why Reiki Healing is a Global Health Method Part 2

So you’re back for more on Reiki?  I’m happy to see you here!  How about a few more reasons why the WHO (World Health Organization, not  “THE Who,” though they rock too) recognize Reiki as a global health method.

  • Reiki demands no particular belief system. Yep, you read that right!  It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, Hindu, or atheist.  You can practice Reiki and you can benefit from it too.
  • Reiki combines well with Western medicine. For example, if you’re having chemotherapy, you can also have Reiki done to increase your appetite, help you sleep, and boost your energy level.
  • You don’t have to be present to practice. You can send distant Reiki treatments after a Reiki Level II class, which is especially great if your family (like mine) is halfway across the world or you have a penchant for ice fishing in Alaska!
  • Reiki is pleasurable! Hey, it’s fun!  Some of my classes have gotten so giddy, I’m sure the neighbors thought we were smoking something Pauly the Pusher grew in his backyard.
  • Reiki works on both small and big issues. Ingrown toenail?  Yep.  Surgical scar?  Sure.  Broken bone?  Uh huh…. just not instantly.  Psychological stress?  Yep, no need to speed to the nearby looney bin–Try Reiki first!

Join me for our next installment, where you’ll find out which is better: Reiki or Viagra?


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