Why Reiki Healing is a Global Health Method Part 1

Why is Reiki the healing method of choice for people around the world?  Why is it recognized by the World Health Organization? Here are just a few reasons why!

  • Reiki is easy to use and you always have your tools with you! Unless you have no hands or arms.  In that case, I beg your pardon.
  • You can use it on yourself! I mean really, have you ever tried to reach around your backside to try self-acupuncture?  Yikes!
  • You can start practicing it after just one weekend taking a Level I course! That’s more than any doctor can say.  And if they do say that, back away very slowly.
  • It’s cheap to learn. Especially when you consider the fact that you’ll be using it for, say, the next 40-ish years of your life… unless you’re already nearing three figures of age (and in that case, you’ll probably need it for arthritis, sweetie…)
  • You can use Reiki in ways you never imagined! You can use it on plants and animals, food and water, medicines, jewelry, car batteries (don’t take my word for it, just try it), ornery computers (it kept my old Mac dinosaur cranking throughout my way too long PhD odyssey), business marketing materials, and even difficult people.  (How lovely to be able to zap those energy vampires with a bit of positive Reiki and watch ’em squirm!)

Stay tuned for more intriguing examples of why Reiki is recognized as a worldwide healing method.


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