Stress Relief Through Reiki Healing

Are you tired of feeling stressed out and exhausted?  Is your neck stiff?  Is your back hurting?  Do your feet ache so bad your toenails hurt?

If so, it’s time to revolutionize your life with Reiki, a powerful method of natural stress and pain relief that I’ve practiced daily for nearly 20 years!  Not only is it recognized by the World Health Organization, it’s also easy (and great fun!) to learn.

This  is a fantastic time to learn Reiki.  Not only is it the summer solstice, but we have three eclipses in the middle of the year, June 1st, June 15th, and July 1st.  According to the experts, this combination allows you to let go of everything that needs to move out of your life (self-limiting thoughts, poverty consciousness, destructive habits, negative people, etc.) and feel ALIGNED and ALIVE!  Talk about rising with the sun and all its fabulous possibilities!

As I mentioned, I’ve practiced Reiki daily on myself for 19 years.  There’s a reason for that: This stuff is incredible and will help you get un-stuck and move forward to manifest your dreams with courage and energy!

How do you get un-stuck? One particular client, we’ll call her “Stuck Samantha” comes to mind.  Through Reiki classes and my Free Your Spirit coaching sessions, Stuck Samantha left an abusive marriage of over 25 years, dumped her slug of a spouse, left a highly successful career in IT that wasn’t soul-satisfying, entered massage school, and is now happily running her own business and life.

Oh, and did I mention, she lost over 280 pounds in the process?  (180 of it was her ex–tee hee!)  But weight loss of over 100 pounds is pretty awesome, wouldn’t you say!  “Stuck Samantha” is now “Soaring Samantha” and she is letting the winds of change carry her to a new level of joy, self-realization, and fulfillment!

Like Samantha, you can dump the stressors that  keep you glued to one situation in your life and let good change (which is also stressful, but in a positive way) come to you by tapping into the freeing flow of Reiki.

Check out the short Reiki video that tells how I got into Reiki as the result of a car accident at , and enjoy!


P.S. More to come on Reiki so stay tuned!

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