Stop Worrying & Live in the Moment

What’s your enthusiasm level? Do you bound out of bed in the morning or do you drag yourself to the bathroom like a ball and chain is attached to your leg? And what kind of balls and chains are you carrying around in your THOUGHTS?

If there’s anything I know for sure it’s that the energy of WORRY is a killer. Worry is a Death Eater (remember Harry Potter’s encounters with them, hon?) that will suck the life–and enthusiasm–out of you.

Sure, there are a million things to do–There always will be! And we can multi-task our way through life, never really letting ourselves be present in each moment.

Sometimes, though, it’s just important to let go and be grateful, focusing on what is going right rather than wrong.

Last week I went to a presentation on Appreciative Living, a movement dedicated to helping you reframe the stories you tell yourself about your life so you can find the good and affirm the positive. It was a potent reminder that as writer Anais Nin contends, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

So instead of focusing on what’s wrong with your spouse, your job, your business, your teenager, or your bank account, why not focus on what’s right and feel grateful for that?

Make a list! I mean it! Write down what you’re grateful for in the difficult person or situation at hand. Then focus on the positives.

Are you going to delight in the delectable box of Godiva chocolates your beloved just brought you for Valentine’s Day or bemoan the fact that your beloved wrapped them in the Sunday comics? (Alright, hopefully your sweetie had the good sense to buy some QUALITY wrapping paper for those goodies, but you get the point.)

Which do you think will get your further–gratitude or irritation? Which is an energy booster and which is a Death Eater?

You choose YOUR focus. No one on the planet has control of your thoughts but YOU. Choose wisely, choose gratitude!


P.S. That’s me, my sweetheart, and our daughter, Zilia–along with our snowy pal, Buddy Boy!

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