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Loving Your Job! The Three A’s of Success

Let Barnsley inspire and motivate you and your colleagues to do the best job possible—and enjoy it! In this fast-moving keynote, Barnsley takes you through a detailed self-assessment of your attitudes towards work and gives you proven strategies to make the most of what you do. Each participant will leave not only with practical tools to improve their job performance and satisfaction, but also with an action plan for success! Create a harmonious, productive, team-oriented work environment and work force through this fast-paced, fun motivational speech!

Become a Master Motivator: Leading Yourself and Others to Soaring Success!

What do extraordinary leaders know that most people don’t? What leadership style do you (un)consciously bring to your life and how is it enhancing or sabotaging your impact and effectiveness? Learn how to inspire personal and professional success in this spirited keynote that spurs you to become a master motivator and manager of yourself and others.

The Top Traits of Highly Effective Business Leaders

It has been said that great leaders are not born but made. Which counterproductive leadership styles are sabotaging your impact? How can you become a servant leader who motivates and engages every member of a team rather than dictates and oversees the group as a whole? Come learn the top traits of highly effective leaders and how to develop these in yourself and others. Whether you are a new or experienced leader, this fast-paced motivational keynote will spur you to become the leader you dream of being, committed both to people and outcomes.

The Top Traits of Highly Effective Women

What does it take to be a phenomenal woman? What are the major challenges facing women at work and at home, and how can we overcome them by developing qualities and competencies that ensure our success and empowerment? Let this motivational speech help you discover the top traits of highly effective women and take away practical strategies to enhance your professional growth and take charge of your time, energy, and life!

How SMART™ Women Beat Stress and Business Burnout!

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Is taking care of yourself last on your list of things to do? Find out what you can do to simplify your work, beat stress and burnout, and create time to recharge your batteries. It’s time to get SMART™ with one of our most popular motivational speeches. You’ll learn proven methods that will help you take care of yourself and take care of business!

How SMART™ Professionals Beat Stress and Business Burnout!

We talk about energy sustainability and its importance to our environment, but what about your own personal and professional store of energy? Why do we often overlook our most precious resources of time, energy, intellectual capital, and more? What can we do to replenish and maximize these vital resources? Discover how you can beat stress, banish procrastination, and harness fast methods for renewing and sustaining your energy and professional growth. Learn to get SMART™ and make the most of your time, energy, and resources in this high-voltage keynote.

How SMART™ Professionals Beat Stress and Business Burnout!

We talk about energy sustainability and its importance to our environment, but what about your own personal and professional store of energy? Why do we often overlook our most precious resources of time, energy, intellectual capital, and more? What can we do to replenish and maximize these vital resources? Discover how you can beat stress, banish procrastination, and harness fast methods for renewing and sustaining your energy and professional growth. Learn to get SMART™ and make the most of your time, energy, and resources in this high-voltage keynote.

NEW! 5-Minute Techniques to Relieve Your Stress and Get Energized for Business Success

Got stress? Come experience some quick and easy natural pick-me-ups that can help you take care of yourself and take care of business! Want to have more energy and positivity right now? Attend this fun seminar and take away easy-to-implement techniques you can enjoy for years to come.

It’s All in the Relationships! Business Networking Secrets of the Pros

What are the secrets of effective, enjoyable networking? How can you attract everything you need? Learn how the GAB principle and relationship building strategies can market you and your company more powerfully than any job search or advertising campaign you could launch. Become a smart socializer and leverage your online and offline contact with prospects, clients, colleagues, and co-workers to create the success and empowerment you desire right now!

Pat Finch, Office Manager of Innovative Programs and Outreach Group, Environmental Protection Agency, RTP, NC

Barnsley, I wish I could spend the day with you! I learned so much from your keynote today! You were wonderful and I took so much away with me. We need to have you back!

Elizabeth M. Russell, State Director of Career and Technical Education, Virginia Department of Education

Dr. Barnsley Brown presented a wonderful motivational speech for our Career and Technical Education administrators and I was very impressed with the time and research she did on Virginia’s CTE prior to coming to the conference–everything from the number of students we serve to the number of teachers we have and everything in between. Dr. Brown provided sound advice for beating the “Administrators’ Blues” and our members really loved her entertaining, insightful demonstrations, her use of audience volunteers, her playful sense of humor, and her stories, all of which reinforced the key points in the message about how to beat stress and burnout. I have recommended her to the Executive Director of the National Association of State Directors of CTE and feel confident that those who invite her to speak for their group will be pleased with how she motivates administrators and management and understands the issues facing us. Dr. Barnsley Brown is a speaker who keeps your attention and makes you genuinely glad you came to her session and the conference as a whole!

Ted W. Summey, Section Chief for CTE Support Services and Promary CTE Conference Planner, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Thank you, Barnsley, for offering two spectacular, riveting keynotes for our Career and Technical Education administrators and teachers! I’ve received extremely positive feedback from numerous colleagues who were impressed by your entertaining and meaningful presentation. The fact that you received a standing ovation from over a thousand of our CTE teachers and supervisors in the closing session, when they were tired and ready to go home, indicates how engaging your content was. I loved your presentation because it made me look good and was perfectly customized for our group! . . . Thanks for your truly outstanding work that helped make our annual conference the premier professional development opportunity for CTE educators across North Carolina!

Barbara Dudley, McDonald's PR and Marketing

Barnsley, I have made a number of powerful changes since I attended ‘Top Traits of Highly Effective Women!’ Professionally, I have improved my communication skills with colleagues and focused on your point that I am ‘self-employed,’ i.e. responsible for managing myself and taking the initiative to do the best work I possibly can. Healthwise, I have been taking better care of myself, going to the gym, eating right, and even going to bed earlier so I am more productive at work and happier overall. You managed to distill lots of information into an exciting seminar, and I am so glad I attended. I hope we will find a way to have you present for our group as soon as possible!

Traci S. Fleming, North Carolina Department of Administration, Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses

Barnsley, first of all, let me say that YOU ARE AWESOME! I love your energy and you have such wonderful joy. I attended your presentation at the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, Minority Business Services Division, 6th Annual MED Day. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this session. We had an exercise, which was a Self Assessment Questionnaire, and it actually outlined all the areas that I have been holding onto and just harboring! The Self Assessment allowed me to acknowledge that I am truly at a place where I could be ‘burned out’! With your tips on outsourcing and the Action Plan for Success, I FINALLY feel like I can exhale! May God continue to richly bless you, your family, and your business.

Vickie Healey, Realtor, Real Estate Owner/Broker Chapel Hill, NC

Barnsley left attendees at a recent Business Women’s Rountable event charged-up and ready to work her SMART system – a system that improves business practices and personal lives by helping professionals beat stress and burnout. That’s what I call a speaker who motivates!

Wendy Tanson, Broker and Realtor

I recently attended Dr. Barnsley Brown’s presentation, ‘How SMART Women Beat Stress and Burnout.’ Barnsley’s presentation was fun, fast-paced, and informative. She is an extremely engaging and uplifting speaker, and provided tips that were both timely and easy to implement. Barnsley’s talk facilitated self-assessment and understanding, and provided needed reminders about the things we can do to ensure a happy and balanced work life. Her presentation was definitely time well spent, and I would readily attend other presentations that she offers. She is a gifted and entertaining speaker.

Gail Harper, Current State President, BPW/NC

Hi Barnsley, I met you in Nov. 2007 at a North Carolina Business and Professional Women’s Regional Event in Dortches (Rocky Mt.). You spoke to us about taking time for those things that are truly important to us. We filled out a list and I was one of the four people in the room obsessed with work. You actually ate lunch at our table. When you asked about what I was going to do about my list, I remember saying they only thing I knew to do was to work as hard as I could, as fast as I could, and one day it would all be over. I would like to say I changed that day. I didn’t, I was simply embarrassed at the way I answered your question. I thought about that day many times and I am happy to say that ten months later, I finally decided to take time for those things that are truly important to me and enjoy them. I am proud to say I was inducted as President Elect of BPW/NC last weekend. My way of giving back to other women. All that came from a seed you planted in such a short time. . . Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

Calvin Pleasants, C.P.M., President of the Triangle Chapter, Institute of Supply Management

We were thrilled to have Barnsley speak for our inaugural Institute of Supply Management trade show at North Carolina State University’s McKimmon Center. She delivered an exciting, funny, and information-packed keynote entitled “Loving Your Job!”. . . Barnsley leaves her audiences wanting to hear more, the mark of a genuinely accomplished speaker. We are looking forward to having her speak for us again!

Steve Straight, President, Virginia Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators

Barnsley, you are proof that a Google search actually WORKS! When I saw your profile on the National Speakers Association website, I thought you would be a match for our group and I was right! Thank you for being so easy to work with throughout the process. You are definitely high energy and delivered a carefully-researched, humorous, and memorable keynote that left our audience members energized and enthusiastic. The points about keeping your sense of humor and rekindling your passion helped our association members understand why maintaining a positive outlook is critical to their success. I am happy to give you my highest recommendation and am confident that other groups and associations who hire you to speak will be equally enthusiastic about the results!

Claudia Skinner, Section Chief of Business and Information Technology, Career Development, Health Occupations, and Marketing, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Barnsley, I’m glad I sat in the front row for our closing session of the Career and Technical Education summer conference. Your presentation was powerful and helped our teachers learn how much of a difference they make. You did a superb job of incorporating specific strategies for teaching success with personal stories about the teachers who made a difference in your life. Your presentation reminded me that teaching is an honorable profession. Even with an audience of over a thousand people, you managed to involve everyone with energizing audience participation activities that brought home the points you were making. I thought the paper airplanes you had us assemble, write innovative teaching ideas inside, and then fly to our colleagues were fun and creative. Your presentation really closed our conference with excitement and sent our teachers out to start a new year with inspiration. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
~Henry Ford