Secrets To Have More Time Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post, we spoke to P.M. about her extreme case of do-itus.  She tried to be Super Woman to everyone around her.  Being pulled in all those different directions had her feeling drained and, well, not so super.

I have good news for all the sufferers of do-itus! You can and will recover from do-itus, I can vouch for that. I’m about to hire one or two college interns to help me in my business.  I’ve already got a Virtual Assistant (an office manager who works for me from afar) and a Web Master.  Now I need more help with some parts of my business that aren’t difficult but are tedious and time-consuming. It is far better for me to pay someone minimum wage or better ($7.25 plus) to work on these activities than to spend more time on them.

Chew on this: What is the value of your hour when you are doing your best profit-producing activities?  When you do these activities, how much can you earn? Figure this out, or at least estimate it, and then only do those tasks that produce profit AND that you really enjoy.

For example, if you can earn $50/hour editing, why would you do database entry that you can pay someone to do  for $10/hour–or why would you provide all the care for your mother when you can hire a helper for 10-$15/hour??  You’ve got to protect the value of your hour–and you’ve got to spend it on what will make your business GROW and THRIVE–even if it requires some investment of $$$ up front!

Incidentally, growing your business will help YOU thrive and you won’t be walking around, slumped over, carrying the weight of the world on your solitary, self-effacing (and self-negating!) shoulders.

There are enough martyrs in the Catholic church, girl! Don’t be one of those people who takes care of everyone else and leaves herself out in the rain.  Get selfish–unabashedly–about your time and protect it like you would a little biddle bunny.  (You can tell I’ve been reading to my daughter, can’t you??)

Remember, YOU are in charge!

Now, put an ad on Craigslist ( for help and contact the nearest community college or university to advertise your little part-time opportunity.  Freeing up even more time a week for YOUR dream (and yourself!) will work wonders!

Enjoy your NO diet–and your recovery from do-itus! You deserve the best!


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