Individual Reiki Treatments, Intuitive Counseling, and Thought Field Therapy!

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90-Minute Relaxing, Rejuvenating Reiki Treatments.

Reiki is a natural method of stress reduction and pain relief that promotes overall relaxation, healing, life balance, and relief of physical ailments. Clients also report a heightened sense of well-being. If you feel very stressed out, this is an excellent way to find relief! Most clients are so relaxed during a session that they even fall asleep.

Treatments can be done long distance or in person. Enjoy a luscious hour and a half of relaxation and stress relief during each hands on healing session. Reiki will work healing wonders on all your energy centers, glands, and organs, and you will leave feeling energized, refreshed, and relaxed.

Reiki can also help if you suffer from joint or back pain, PMS, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and more. You can read more about the healing benefits of Reiki here. We also offer Reiki Level I, II, and Master trainings that teach you how to practice Reiki on yourself and your loved ones, including pets here.

Free Your Spirit™ Coaching and Counseling

In these sixty-minute empowerment sessions, we incorporate a variety of healing methods to help you make positive changes in your work, relationships, health, and overall life balance. The sessions are geared to the challenges and issues you are facing, and we work together to release old patterns that are impeding your relaxation, happiness, life balance, and empowerment. Clients typically complete an introductory series of sessions and then return as needed for stress reduction and empowerment.

Thought Field Therapy™ Get Un-Stuck Sessions

These 60-minute sessions help you experience stress reduction and healing of any thought or issue challenging you. One session conducted in person or over the phone typically addresses two to three specific issues, and brings nearly instantaneous relief, relaxation, and empowerment. Thought Field Therapy™ is the method to use when you find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns that are undermining your life happiness, life balance, and empowerment, or when you want to overcome an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, certain foods, etc.

30-Minute Cleansing, Energizing Hydrotherapy Treatments

In these relaxing hydrotherapy sessions, your feet are placed in warm soothing water. The Bio-Electric Field Enhancer (BEFE) system gently and comfortably cleanses toxins from your system while also increasing your energy and vitality, giving you healthier skin, relieving pain, improving your focus, easing the symptoms of depression , reducing inflammation, and more.

You can enjoy a hydrotherapy session on its own or you can add one on to coaching, counseling, or Reiki. When you couple hydrotherapy with another session, the healing benefits of both sessions are greatly enhanced so I encourage you to combine them in one visit! Hydrotherapy treatments are available individually or you can choose a Super-Saver Package which lets you enjoy four treatments and get one more FREE!

(Note: This is a specially priced package and is to be paid in full–No part of this package is refundable, however you may transfer any or all of the sessions to another person if desired.)

Wondrous Weddings

We work with you and your beloved to design a heartfelt, memorable service that reflects your unique values and personalities.

“Barnsley’s wedding ceremony was memorable and entertaining for all who attended our wedding. She had an ability to be spontaneous when needed with a personal touch. Our guests are still talking about Barnsley’s enchanted and unique ceremony with a personal touch. She offers flexibility to shape your ceremony, vows, and day’s events to fit your needs. We highly recommend her to perform your wedding ceremony.” Donnagale and Mark Eide, Business Owners, Mebane, NC

“Thank you, Barnsley, for officiating at our wedding! Despite the threat of rain, intense heat and humidity, musical glitches and the typical wedding frenzy of activity, you made our ceremony meaningful, positive and authentic! I especially loved the Rose Ceremony, as it will be a wonderful tool for the rest of our marriage.” Martha and Richard Taylor, Educator and Business Owner, Elizabeth City, NC

Schelli Whitehouse, Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Business Coach

Hi Barnsley, I just want to share with you how incredible our session was for me last Friday. I’ve had numerous Reiki and healing sessions in the past. I’ve even participated in a Level I Reiki training. The opening and healing I encountered in our session was incredibly powerful – transformative! Thank you for your soulful, intuitive guidance. It was a beautiful experience as it helped me become comfortable with and gracefully receive the abundance and wealth that is flowing into my life!

RS, Business Owner and NLP Practitioner, Chapel Hill, NC

My private sessions and group classes with Dr. Barnsley Brown have empowered my personal and professional growth, giving me clarity and enabling me to overcome emotional and physical challenges. My life continues to change and heal powerfully through this exciting work!

DP, Health Care Recruitment Specialist, Durham, NC

When Dr. Barnsley Brown was recommended to me by a friend, I was going through having both a parent and a child with cancer and was searching for hope and strength. Barnsley was a saving grace to me through this time. She helped me deal with my mother’s transition and my daughter’s diagnosis. Barnsley also worked with my twenty-year-old daughter and freed her from the fear she had held onto for years as a result of a childhood sexual assault. Barnsley has been instrumental as a spiritual coach and counselor to our family and for that I’m forever grateful!

Rebecca Olejar, Organizational Development Consultant and Emerging Artist

My Reiki seminars and individual coaching and counseling sessions with Dr. Barnsley Brown have really boosted my self-confidence, helped me take charge of my life, deepened my spiritual awareness, and strengthened and harmonized my family ties. When I first came to Barnsley, I felt overwhelmed, really stressed out, very discouraged, and like I didn’t have the resources to solve my problems. Now after several months of intensive work, I can confidently say I feel able to handle my problems and I’ve seen significant positive shifts in myself and the issues I’m facing! I plan to use what I’ve learned to continue to create the life and loving relationships I now know I can have.

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