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For your convenience, individual appointments and Reiki distant healing treatments are also available by telephone and Skype. Dr. Barnsley is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider, #451640-11. She has trained thousands of people in Reiki internationally since 1994.

Brittany Pecinich, Certified Nursing Assistant II, Mebane, NC

I’ve loved everything about my Reiki I, II, and Mastership classes with Dr. Barnsley Brown. I’ve learned how to relieve stress, clear my mind, improve my focus (I have A.D.D.), and positively channel energy. I have used my Reiki training daily to make my own life better and to help patients calm down in the Emergency Room at the hospital where I work. I recommend that anyone who wants more energy, less stress, and more confidence in themselves take Reiki with Barnsley. Barnsley is a true teacher who will be your mentor for life!

Elizabeth Oliver, Holistic Healer and 2010 Graduate of Massage Therapy Program, Hurdle Mills, NC

Barnsley, during the Reiki Level I, II, and Master classes with you over the past several years I have seen my self esteem go from .1% to a complete 100%! I feel so healthy and strong within myself, and I also feel able to be there for other people, especially my clients. When we first met at your wonderful networking seminar at a business center five years ago, you helped me become clear on my mission. I went back to school and am now finishing up my training in massage therapy. I love doing massage, and my Reiki training has helped me achieve tangible results with my clients. Specifically, I’ve been able to help them reduce stress and relieve various types of pain. In the future, I plan to teach Reiki to my clients so that in between our sessions, they can use it on themselves to feel physically and emotionally grounded and centered. Barnsley, I can’t imagine my life without Reiki! I am so grateful you came into my life as a teacher, counselor, mentor, and friend! I look forward to continuing to use Reiki every day on myself and my clients from here on out.

Raymond Smith, Business Owner and NLP Practitioner, Chapel Hill, NC

Since I took Reiki 1 with Dr. Barnsley Brown, I have used it on myself and others every day! I begin the day with a calmer attitude. I’m more refreshed when I wake up, even when I don’t get enough sleep. And the little irritations in life just don’t get to me anymore. Everybody in my family benefits when Mom is a happier, calmer person. It makes for a happier and calmer home. I recommend that every busy Mom take Reiki and give yourself permission to spend that first time in the morning on yourself. Then you can be a better giver to everyone else the rest of the day.

Toriano B., IT Professional and Business Owner, Graham, NC

Reiki works! Before I trained in Reiki I was skeptical but now I’ve stopped counting the number of times it has worked for me! I’m releasing doubt, fear, and over-control, and attracting great opportunities in my personal and professional life. Now I can tell when my energy is out of whack. I stop then and do a Reiki self treatment. It’s amazing to have this tool whenever I am overwhelmed! Reiki has also helped me create a better relationship with my ex-wife and to reach agreement on how to split our property fairly. I used to feel drained by this situation but now I monitor my energy and use it as I choose, to live stress-free. Reiki has even improved my tennis game. I have lots more energy and have lost weight. Reiki is the real deal and if you want to experience positive change and high energy naturally, you should definitely take Reiki trainings with Dr. Barnsley Brown.

Helen L., Clinical Social Worker, Pinehurst, NC

Barnsley is a powerful, dynamic, and delightful teacher. One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.

Margie McCarthy, Registered Nurse and Mother/Grandmother of 25, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Barnsley, since I took Reiki 1 and 2 with you, my husband and I are back together after a two-year separation. We are getting along fabulously! Reiki really helped me to shift the energy in my marriage and myself so that I was able to let go of outcomes, to let my husband be himself, to tell him I love him, and to be my own person and honor myself. Before Reiki, my life was so bound up in what everyone else wanted me to do but now, I am able to love myself and do what’s best for me. By taking care of myself, everything else has shifted and fallen into place. The processes you taught us in Reiki 1 and 2 helped me restore my marriage, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with my children! I highly recommend Reiki training as a powerful, wonderful tool to create the life and relationships you want!!

Debbie Kotecki, Retired Educator, Raleigh, NC

Hi Barnsley, Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to say. I am SO very glad to have had your wonderful guidance and teaching of the Reiki class this weekend. You are a kind, loving, and patient teacher and so very powerful in Spirit! I appreciate all that you did for us as a group and for me personally. Every one of the four meditation attunements was an awesome vision-like and totally special, personal and unique experience for me that I will never forget. Thank you for taking the extra time with us both days to make sure all our questions were answered and we all got the experiences we needed. I am in just the right place and time in my life to have come through the class (of course!) and I am so thankful for you using your many gifts of service in this way.

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