Reiki Healing in Hospitals: Reiki and Medicine Part 2

In our last post, you found out that the Reiki Method of Natural Stress and Pain Relief is being used in hospitals across the U.S. and in other countries.  Now it’s time to cover a few potent  reasons why you should take a good look at Reiki as a complement to the traditional Western medicine you’re probably already utilizing.

1) Reiki is not invasive and it has no detrimental side effects.So if you’re looking for something to relieve pain and mitigate some of the troublesome side effects of some medical treatments (think chemo and its effect on your appetite and energy level, for example), Reiki is an attractive option.

2) Reiki is cheaper than traditional medicine in many cases. It may not be covered by your insurance but it sure beats surgery in terms of cost. And if you can find a program that offers Reiki treatments at a discount (I used to participate in one of these) or Reiki treatments by trained volunteers, you can save substantially. I’ve also had a number of Reiki clients who were able to gradually cut down or go off of their prescriptions, with the supervision of their physician of course, and thus save mega bucks on prescriptions.

3) Reiki is not allied with any particular religion or creed so medical professionals can easily incorporate it into a secular context without being accused of trying to convert or “save” people. And if you’ve ever been sick, you know that the last thing you want to have shoved down your throat is someone else’s religious beliefs…particularly if you are bed-ridden and can’t get away from your pushy proselytizer. (I speak from experience here, you can probably tell.)

4) It is easy to add Reiki to your traditional medical care–before or after surgery, during labor and childbirth, or as a complement to physical therapy or psychological therapy, for instance–which is why Reiki is often referred to as “complementary” medicine. It’s like adding supple gel insoles to your everyday running shoes–Reiki can help you get to your destination of excellent health more comfortably and quickly, with a spring in your step.

Want to read the research on Reiki? Articles abound in many publications, including the British Medical Journal and Holistic Nursing Practice. Just Google “recent articles on Reiki” and you can read to your heart’s content.

Try not to get too bogged down in the research, however. The best thing you can ever do for your health and stress management is simply to try Reiki. What do you have to lose–except those aches and pains and all the stress (and medical bills) piling up around you? If Reiki healing is good enough for hospitals, don’t you think it could have something to offer you too?


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