Reiki Healing in Hospitals: Reiki and Medicine Part 1

Sometimes people see alternative medicine as just that, an “alternative” to Western medicine that is practiced in back rooms smelling of burnt incense and beeswax.   But did you know that the Reiki Natural Healing and Stress Relief Method is being used in a number of hospitals world-wide? In fact, if you check out the Center for Reiki Research (, you can find a list of seventy hospitals that incorporate Reiki into their offerings.

You should know that we’re not talking about Lizard Lick Hospital out in the boonies of Bumpkin, USA–We are talking about Reiki at esteemed teaching hospitals such as University College London Hospital, The Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, and Duke Integrative Medicine of Duke University Hospital, all of which incorporate Reiki treatments by volunteers and/or medical practitioners into their offerings.

How Reiki is perceived these days can be compared to massage twenty or thirty years ago.  At that time, many people incorrectly associated massage therapy with men’s clubs and “massage services” offered in “private rooms,” whereas massage therapy has now become mainstream and a respected method of health improvement.  Many physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors have massage therapists on staff and massage therapy is a core part of the offerings at health spas and gyms.

In the same way, Reiki has been viewed by the uninformed as a strange type of hocus pocus or “occult” practice.  Now, however, these misconceptions are being replaced as many people experience the health benefits of Reiki firsthand.  Most people have at least heard of Reiki and the fact that so many hospitals offer it reveals that it is now becoming mainstream.

So why this substantial interest in Reiki? Read my other blog posts on “Why Reiki Healing is a Global Health Method” and then tune in for my next post on Reiki Healing in Hospitals.  The next time you or your loved ones are faced with a medical challenge, you’ll be glad you paid attention.


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