Reduce Stress: Five Boundaries You Must Set To De-Stress Part 5

Do you feel like you need to section off an area with velvet ribbon (or heck, barb wire) in order to get the things done that you need to get done? Then you need to set boundaries.

How can you tell if you need to be more vigilant with setting boundaries? Are you antsy, irritated, or resentful of, well, pretty much everything?

My last, but certainly not least, tip in this blog series is to be clear with yourself first and then clear with others.

If you feel that someone has overstepped boundaries and not valued you or your work, take time to comprehend exactly what you think and feel about the situation. 

What is your part in it? What can you and the other party do to resolve the situation? Then figure out a way to politely approach them to express your thoughts and suggest a course of action that will benefit both of you. After all, if you don’t share what’s wrong, the relationship will not thrive and both of you will suffer the consequences.

You have to set your own boundaries. It’s up to you to do some soul searching and figure out when you’ve been giving too much so you can de-stress and balance your life and energy again.

So get out there and extinguish your burnout with some good, kick-butt boundaries that enable you to manage your life–and your stress level–with ease.


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