Reduce Stress: Five Boundaries You Must Set To De-Stress Part 4

Hi again!  How are the holidays treating you?  Are you feeling Grinchy?  Do you want to hire a hitman for the crazy-making people around you? Guess what?  This blog post will help you NOT off your crazy-making cubicle mate, boss, spouse, or in-laws.   As much as we like you, no one wants to bring you chocolate chip cookies in prison, so read on!

This may sound as repetitive as  “The 12 Days of Christmas” but I can’t stress it enough: There are boundaries you must set in order to keep stress at bay.  Just follow my tips for setting boundaries and you won’t need to invest in a wig during or after the holidays.  

My fourth tip in the five boundaries you must set to de-stress may sound odd, but trust me on this:  Make written agreements with your clients, your spouse, and even your kids.  Yes, especially your spouse and (other) kids.  We know everyone needs a set of rules.    And please note, I did say “WRITTEN agreements.”  Put each agreement in writing so that it will be clear and enforceable.

Why create agreements?  One of the most powerful actions any manager, supervisor, or parent can do is to hold a group meeting and create/agree upon a list of “Team Rules.”  Not only does this solidify you as the team leader and unify the group as a whole, but the participants will feel like they are helping run a well-oiled machine.

Whether we’re talking about a work team, focus group, or family, everyone needs to feel invested in the rules of conduct and the agreements about how team business is handled.

When people have participated in the creation of a new rule or guideline, they are more likely to follow it.  As you put the accountability back on them, this frees you up for your own life and affairs.  It makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger, even with tasks as simple as washing the dishes or tidying up after oneself at work. Team rules unify everyone for an epic outcome… the good kind that gives you the warm fuzzies rather than the creepy crawlies.

Remember, there’s no “i” in “team” (unless you write “TEAM” in caps and color in the “a-hole.”  Try it out!  Or if you’re feeling lazy, just click here and you’ll turn up pics of my  fabulous new “i in team” coffee mug.)

Go gather your awesome team together and come up with some written rules that make everyone happy and invested in the success of your team.


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