Reduce Stress: Five Boundaries You Must Set To De-Stress Part 2

Are you still feeling overloaded, overworked, overtired, overtaxed, and under-appreciated?  Do you still feel like your plate is not only full but  cracking under pressure?  Are you even happy?

You just might be suffering from lack of boundaries.  How can you tell if you need to be more vigilant with setting boundaries? You’re antsy, irritated, even resentful of people, your job, your family, and daily tasks.

You have to set boundaries in order to keep yourself in check, and check everyone else at the door.  

Read on to find out my second boundary for you.

When you are working, close the door, put up a “Do not disturb” sign, or in some way demarcate your work space as yours. If someone intrudes, let them know you can speak with them at a particular time.

One manager I coached had great success reserving a particular hour early in the morning for her team to consult her about problems they were having with their work. Instead of doing her team’s work for them all day long, this savvy manager started setting boundaries and therefore empowered her team members to find viable solutions while she completed her own projects.

How do you like that?  Grown people doing their own jobs!  And with only a gentle butt kick.

You set those boundaries, friend!  And get on with what YOU need to do.


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