Reduce Stress: Five Boundaries You Must Set to De-Stress Part 1

Most people these days feel overloaded, overworked, overtired, over-everything! Not only are our plates full, but we’re about to drop everything on the floor. 

May I suggest that boundaries are the key to regaining your energy, your peace of mind, and your productivity? Think about it. If you’re going in a million directions trying to please everyone, will you ever reach even ONE destination? You’ll drive around in circles or a zigzag, but you certainly won’t get anywhere.

Let me suggest some boundaries you can set that will free you up for success.  The first thing I suggest is taking a time-out.  Did you know that surgeons are required to do a time-out and make sure all the players are in their places?  Yep, they have to double check these things.  You should, too.

Shut everyone and everything out for just a few minutes each morning. Develop a daily practice of listening, a time alone in which you check in with yourself, review your mission, and ask, “What is the best, most valuable use of my time right now and today?”

Whether you work for yourself or work for someone else, always make sure you align your work with your values.  You must do this to create balance in your life so you don’t get burned out.  Check out the video below to find out about an awesome freebie that will help you overcome overwhelm.

So grab the bull by the horns and get on it, pardner!


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