Dr. Barnsley’s Money Saving Tips for Your Online Presence, Online Buzz, and Legal Shield

Here you’ll find the best resources we have found to get hits, create online buzz, and make the most of your marketing budget and online presence. They’ve saved us time, energy, and money and helped us keep all of our hair intact! (That’s essential, right??)

We’ve also listed products, services, and providers based on the questions you’ve asked us in live seminars, coaching sessions, and emails. Spend some time with this list, take advantage of the trial offers here, and let us know how they work for you, okay?

Oh, and please use our links below to order–We believe in these particular money saving products, services, and people so much that we have agreed to share their resources with you as affiliates. Thanks, and enjoy the fruits of our research below. It’s time for you to get hits galore on your website and to create an online buzz and online presence that ensure your success!

Money Saving Legal Shield Assistance and Business Consulting


My husband and I have saved over $21,300 using our Legal Shield membership–It is AWESOME!

For less than the cost of a bottle of (cheap) water per day, you can have unlimited telephone access to specialist attorneys, after-hours access to legal counsel in emergency situations, reviews of important documents and contracts,  letters or phone calls from attorneys on your behalf for collections or other legal issues, and your Will prepared and updated yearly.

For the cost of one fee-based hour with an attorney you can get a year of Legal Shield services that can save you loads of dough–and save you from the stress and frustration of not being able to afford quality legal help. No more will you have to “let things go” because you don’t have the time, money, and legal help to address an issue.

There are also Legal Shield special plans for Small Businesses and Home-Based Businesses that offer you unlimited access to expert consultants in any area of business, contact management and accounting systems, a website and optimization of it, representation by a tax attorney in the event that you are audited by the IRS, and much much more.

Be sure to check out the part-time or full-time business opportunity available when you share this Legal Shield membership with others and help them protect their families and businesses.  Go to http://www.legalshield.com/hub/barnsleybrown to sign up for your membership and find out what this business opportunity can do for you and your loved ones!

Wise Web Hosting

We researched website hosting companies for a long time and chose Lunar Pages for our online presence. We’ve used them happily for years now. They have good technical support by phone and email and offer some helpful free software as well.

Smart Shopping Carts and Software for Email Lists

First of all, many of you have asked me for recommendations on shopping carts and software to manage your email lists of subscribers so you can send out your e-newsletter or ezine. Good news! With Kickstart Cart, you can have both a secure shopping cart and superb client database and email management system! 

We love this money saving system and use it because it lets you send out your e-newsletter or ezine to your subscribers, offer digital downloads such as e-books and audio recordings, and have excellent software to manage what folks purchase through your website. You can also set up your own affiliate program and let others share (and sell) your work with the world, a strategy that expands your online presence exponentially.

 We also love Kickstart Cart (also known as 1Shopping Cart) because Tom Antion offers down-to-earth (and often funny) training videos to help you set it up and market to your ideal clients. Tom is an internet guru and really knows how to get the most out of this money saving cart–and how to teach YOU to do it to in plain, simple, jargon-free (whew!) language. So, use this link to get your free 30 day trial now: http://bit.ly/bestcartforyou

Money Saving Merchant Account

We went with a well-known merchant services company someone recommended and they have been charging us fees out the proverbial “wazoo.”  Then I was introduced to  Rob Williams of Bank of America Merchant Services.

Rob is a friendly guy who will do his darnedest  to work with you and save you money.  Not only did he manage to beat the rates we were being charged for credit and debit cards from the other company but he was also  able to slice our monthly fees in half.  (And yes, their merchant gateway is well-known and works with online shopping carts, including the one we use and love above. )

Go Rob!  You can reach him at robert.williams@bankofamericamerchant.com or 336-514-6298.  Be sure to mention that Dr. Barnsley sent you so you get the red carpet treatment. (Cindy Crawford, watch out!  Here you come…)

Money Saving Article Marketing Software

Oh my goodness, this is a lifesaver! This article marketing software was recommended to me some time ago but it took us a while to get on board.

Now with this incredible time and money saving article marketing software subscription, my PR managers and I can submit an article and have it out to tons of sites all over the internet in just one hour! We save tons of time and I save lots of money on hourly wages. And we don’t have to do the tedious work of submitting each article one by one, manually, to multiple sites and ezine directories.

Consistent article marketing is a smart way to get hits on your website, and this software makes it easy for you to market your articles all over the internet.

When you get the software, be sure to use the Article Leverage feature which lets you enter some variations of key sentences in your article–Then the software rearranges what you’ve entered to create different versions of the same article. Wow! That way you don’t have the exact same article all over the internet. We love this feature!

To find out more about SubmitYourArticle.com, use our affiliate link: http://bit.ly/bestforarticlemarketing

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