Overcome Fear & Make it Happen as Successful Entrepreneurs

Question: Barnsley, I am in the process of starting a new business. I have done extensive research for the business and believe that it’s an excellent opportunity. The issue I have is analysis paralysis. How do I overcome the fear of moving forward? Rich in Cary, NC

My Answer: Rich, I love your question, and thanks for your honesty. Analysis paralysis is a common problem in our society since so MUCH information is always coming at us through the media, the internet, our cell phones, and every other gadget we own. Everywhere we go (even the bathroom, right?), there’s some kind of information for us to consume.

Rich, what I have to say to you is that FEAR CANNOT CO-EXIST WITH ACTION! So to release this fear you’re experiencing, all you’ve got to do is take one small step EVERY DAY to manifest your dream.

Here’s what I suggest. Make a list in which you BREAK DOWN what you need to do to get going into TINY steps. Here are some examples: Fill out application for business license, call insurance agent for business insurance quote, start setting up a blog, send out an email to everyone in my address book letting them know about my dream and asking them for referrals, go to LEADS group at the Chamber, etc.

Just brainstorm everything you possibly can and get it down on your list, and if it is a bigger item, like create a website, break it down into small steps: Buy my domain name, select hosting company, create “About Rich” page, make list of specific benefits and results I can give my clients for home page, etc.

Now, get a timer and set it to spend just 10 minutes on your dream each day AT A SET TIME OF THE DAY! (Getting into action is easier once we make something a habit!) I bet after 10 minutes you’ll be so into the one step you’re doing that you’ll keep going!

Just aim for ONE step per day and if you don’t finish it, carry it over to the next day.

Rich, when you get rolling, I guarantee your fear will dissipate and your excitement will GROW! Get on the path to work you love! What an incredible journey you have in front of you–Savor it!

Now make that list and get that timer set, okay? (Egg timers work great, by the way…Don’t you have one in the kitchen right now??)


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