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Podcasters Cruise (Oct 12-19,2024 with pre-cruise evening at the Hilton Cocoa Beach)

I attended the 2023 Podcaster’s Cruise and it was an absolute blast! The Podcaster’s Cruise is a one-of-a-kind exciting event that brings together top podcasters, influencers, and social media experts for a week-long voyage of learning insider tips and strategies, networking, and FUN. This is your chance to take your new or existing podcast to the next level and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for podcasting.
You’ll forge meaningful connections that will last a lifetime all while you are living the dream – enjoying gourmet cuisine, lounging on the serenity deck, and enjoying top-notch live entertainment.
Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity!  I’ve already booked my cabin, and look forward to seeing YOU there too. Grab the details at www.podcastersatsea.com and secure your spot today with a deposit of only $250!
When you book, please make sure you indicate that you were invited by Barnsley Brown—That gets YOU the royal treatment and helps ME earn some stage time to present too!

Come Podcast at Sea!

With These Specially Negotiated Early Booking Rates,
It Might Cost You More Just to Stay Home
INCLUDES All Cruise Fees! That means, all port charges, government fees and taxes are included in the price.
Note: Carnival’s online rates do NOT include gov. fees and taxes, but our group rates do!
What ELSE is included?
ALL of our business building mastermind sessions, private parties, networking events and dinners!

Ocean Suite

$2798 per person

Based on Double Occupancy
For All 7 Days and Nights
3rd and 4th Guest Pay Just $599 Each

Balcony Oceanview

$1598 per person

Based on Double Occupancy
For All 7 Days and Nights
3rd and 4th Guest Pay Just $599 Each

Interior Cabin 

$1198 per person

Based on Double Occupancy
For All 7 Days and Nights
3rd and 4th Guest Pay Just $599 Each

Use this link:
www.podcastersatsea and make sure you put that Dr. Barnsley invited you


Streamyard is our platform of choice because it allows us to easily stream to multiple platforms with ONE simple broadcast.  We save SOOOOO much time, energy, and money using Streamyard!
Also, did you realize that 80% of people prefer live video over text??  People are tired of picture-perfect content and overly rehearsed scripts. They want authentic stories and real human moments.
Whether you’re a creator, content marketer, business, or just someone with something to say, live streaming is an effective way to spread your message. Streamyard is the best and most cost-effective option we have found to share—and spread—our business message and offerings! Stop broadcasting on just one platform and instead use Streamyard to reach your tribe on MANY platforms, all at once with just one easy broadcast!

Use this link:

Mind Movies

Start feeling the positive powerful effects of the Law of Attraction with your gift of these six pre-made Mind Movies (valued at $234, yours for FREE!)

Joint Venture Directory

Ready to find more qualified JV partners, affiliates, podcasters, top experts, leading influencers, and B2B service providers in your niche market with the Self Improvement Industry?  Then this is for you! The JV Directory is the premier JV, affiliate, and influencer community and searchable online directory for the Self Improvement with over 1000 top players all in one convenient place.

Infinite List

No business grows without a steady stream of leads! Infinite List is the premier membership community that empowers coaches, infopreneurs, and entrepreneurs to enhance their list-building efforts through curated giveaways, comprehensive lead magnet training, live coaching calls, and a vibrant supportive community.

Use this link:

Grand Connection

The Grand Connection is one of our favorite international networking organizations! GC is a supportive, kickass global community that provides education, inspiration and support you need through EDU networking to reach your Grand Potential. In this community, you will connect, create, and collaborate with like-minded leaders who share the values of Grand Giving. And you will be supported in your business growth through skill sharing, collaborative marketing opportunities and peer to peer learning.

Use this link:

Financial Freedom 101

Financial Freedom 101 is a fun, experiential event that gives you practical tools to get your money working FOR you–even when you’re not working. In just one weekend, you’ll receive the financial education that you never got in school or at home. You’ll stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed, ashamed, or confused about your finances, and instead, you’ll feel empowered, clear, confident, and even excited about managing your money. Don’t miss your opportunity to receive a full scholarship (valued at $1497) to this event!

Use this link:

Free Webinar: How to Get Affiliates to Sell Your Products & Fill Your Events

Affiliate Management Expert Chuck Anderson will show you why leveraging affiliates is not only the quickest path to promote your programs but also the most cost-effective strategy to attract new clients. You will learn the 5 crucial keys that ensure your affiliates are not just on board but also actively and enthusiastically promoting your offerings. And you’ll gain exclusive insights into locating and recruiting affiliate partners who already have access to your perfect audience.

Use this link:

The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters (and ICONMAKER with Sheryl Plouffe, Tom Matzen, Danella Burnett)

A directory of names, emails, and websites of over 950 podcast hosts who can make you and your business famous by being on their platforms.

Use this link:

Legal Shield

Reach out by Facebook messenger at https://facebook.com/drbarnsley or through the Contact page of our website at www.spirited-solutions.com so we can share how we have saved over $55,000 over the last decade with this must-have legal membership! No business should be without this!
For less than the cost of a bottle of water per day, you can have unlimited telephone access to specialist attorneys, after-hours access to legal counsel in emergency situations, reviews of important documents and contracts, letters or phone calls from attorneys on your behalf for collections or other legal issues, and your Will prepared and updated yearly.
This means that for the cost of ONE fee-based hour with an attorney you can get a year of unlimited Legal Shield services under the basic plan that can save you loads of dough–and save you from the stress and frustration of not being able to afford quality legal help. No more will you have to “let things go” because you don’t have the time, money, and legal help to address an issue.
There are also Legal Shield special plans for Small Businesses and Home-Based Businesses that offer you unlimited access to expert consultants in any area of business, contact management and accounting systems, a website and optimization of it, representation by a tax attorney in the event that you are audited by the IRS, and more.
Be sure to ask me about the part-time or full-time business opportunity available when you become a Legal Shield Associate. With VERY little work, you can easily pay for your own membership and earn ongoing, residual income on the side—or full-time—as a LS Associate!

Use this link:
Find out how to save the most money with a Legal Shield membership by reaching out here: drb@spirited-solutions.com (remember the dash)

Smart Shopping Carts and Software for Email Lists

Many business owners ask us for recommendations on shopping carts and software to manage your email lists of subscribers so you can send out your e-newsletter or ezine. Good news! With Kickstart Cart, you can have both a secure shopping cart AND a superb client database and email management system, all in one!

We love this money saving system and use it because it lets you send out your e-newsletter or ezine to your subscribers, offer digital downloads such as e-books and audio recordings, and have excellent software to manage what folks purchase through your website. You can also set up your own affiliate program and let others share (and sell) your work with the world, a strategy that expands your online presence—and your profits—exponentially.

We also love Kickstart Cart (also known as 1Shopping Cart) because Tom Antion offers down-to-earth (and often funny) training videos to help you set it up and market to your ideal clients. Tom is an internet guru and really knows how to get the most out of this money saving cart–and how to teach YOU to do it to in plain, simple, jargon-free language. So, use this link to get your free 30 day trial now.  You have nothing to lose!

Use this link: