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Susan Saenger, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Owner of Spry Fitness, Inc.

Before I started working with Dr. Barnsley, I was feeling a little down about my business. I believed that it was hard to get new clients and that I might not be able to really make it sustainable for the long term. Now I am excited and energized because I have almost doubled the number of clients I serve! Dr. Barnsley goes far beyond the call of duty and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She wouldn’t accept the limits I placed on myself.. If you want real results in your life and business, apply for the Make It Happen Mastermind!

Dr. Sandra Richards, Author and Retired Professor

Insightful, generous, and energetic, that’s Dr. Barnsley Brown. If you have a project or dream you want to realize, she’s the person who will help you succeed!

Roxanne Connolly, Licensed Massage Therapist and Real Estate Investor

I have been enrolled in the Make It happen Mastermind for two months now and have done more in the past 50 days than I have done in 50 years! Before I spent a lot of time trying to get organized and figure out the details of my business.,Now I get things DONE by being focused, by setting boundaries, and by being attentive to what I need and want to accomplish. I am no longer scattered all over the place and have zeroed in on my true passion and value. If you want fast results with a coach and group that will kick your butt and make sure you are on task every step of the way, then you will definitely want to join this mastermind.

Elizabeth Waugh Duford, MSW, Nonprofit professional and Beautycounter Senior Manager

I highly recommend Dr. Barnsley Brown and the Make it Happen Mastermind. As a new business owner, I am so grateful for Dr. Barnsley’s guidance in clarifying my intentions for my business’s success; helping me identify and produce tangible results; and coaching me in effective networking to grow my business. I encourage every new or seasoned business owner to invest in yourself and your business success through Dr. Barnsley’s mastermind. You will be happy you did.

Augustine Civalier, Graphic Designer and DoTerra Wellness Advocate

You definitely need the Make It Happen Mastermind if you desire to gain momentum in your life and business without having to struggle or go it alone. Dr Barnsley is adept at helping you see how much you are getting in the way of your own success. Thanks to her expert guidance and the support of my mastermind team, I was able to double my typical monthly income and to book more events in one month than I had in two years! The Make It Happen Mastermind WILL help you make it happen–and fast!

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