How to Be Human, Not Perfect, & Celebrate You!

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you–How could I forget about fabulous, fantastic, fortuitous YOU?

Recently, I had some (completely fixable) health issues that forced me to slow down a bit. No, I don’t have swamp fever or anything life threatening, so no worries! But slowing down just a tad gave me the OPPORTUNITY to take a good unwavering look at who I am, what I do, and what I believe.

In the midst of the physical “stuff,” there were a few instances of not seeing eye to eye with other people (isn’t that a delicate way to put it??)that also gave me the OPPORTUNITY to examine my beliefs about how we should treat people, personally and in business. In other words, I got a crash course in how to be human, not perfect.

I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect either. But remember that when it gets right down to it, NO ONE loves a “Barbie”–She’s plastic and anatomically inauthentic, plus how CAN she claim to get around in those pointy-toe high heels?

My point? It’s our faults, our issues, our imperfections–being human–that make us lovable.

So, dear, would you toast with me today to being human, to the parts of us that feel not good enough, guilty, confused, and even a little stupid at times?

And by the way, who says we have to have it all together all of the time? (That’s why I’m going to create a new holiday, National Meltdown Day, where it is culturally sanctioned–even required– for us to ENJOY our imperfection and fall apart for a day.)

Here’s to being WRONG, to being JUDGED by others and ourselves, and to feeling CUT OFF from the part of us that is BIGGER than all this human “drama.” Clink clink to that, my dear!

And while you’re toasting, watch this stunning (and I do mean stunning!) music video by Claudia Carawan and you’ll be back on track. It’s time to celebrate you, wonder-full YOU!

Kick that d#$mn banana peel you slipped on to the curb (yeah, you know EXACTLY who or what it represents), and carry on, hon!


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