Have More Time–15-30 Extra Minutes Per Day

Question: “Barnsley, I never have time to do the things I love
most–reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and
family. What can I do? HELP!”
Dana in Durham, NC

Answer: I have just one suggestion for you… QUIT YOUR JOB! Okay, so
maybe that’s not an option. But what you CAN do is spend ten minutes
and go to http://www.optoutprescreen.com to eliminate credit card
offers and http://www.DMAchoice.org to get off
junk mail/solicitation lists

You’ll save a lot of trees. More importantly you’ll have 15-30
minutes more PER DAY to devote to the activities and people (and pets)
you love!

What can you do with your new-found time?  Here are some suggestions just for you…

  • Pick up that book that’s been buried under that junk mail!
  • Make yourself a steaming cup of Italian dark roast coffee–high-octane or decaf–your choice!
  • Clean the kitty box and line it–for the last time–with the junk mail!
  • Use the shredder and turn that junk mail into “snow.”  Then play unabashedly in it with your kids!
  • Make junk mail “grass” for a gift basket.
  • Make that phone call you’ve been putting off to schedule that once a year appointment (okay, this one’s not too fun but it’s really important for your health, hon).
  • Bake a batch of slice-and-bake cookies and pop them in your oven!
  • Turn on your favorite new song and dance like it’s a marathon!
  • Sign up for that belly dancing class you saw last week!  (Fellas, you can do it, too!)

You get the point, doll–do what you love, make time for yourself, and create time with this one simply strategy that involves just ten minutes up front and can get you two to four extra hours a week for what and who you love!  


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