Give Thanks and Focus on the Good No Matter What

Questions from readers are pouring in and I’m thrilled to be featuring these in the ezine—Thank you for sharing your challenges!

I like to think of our emails as conversations–You and I are just sitting here enjoying a nice tall glass of lemonade, discussing how we can have even more success, balance, and prosperity in our ls.

It’s a joy to spend this time with you and I look forward to it.

Recently I took some seminars on Spiritual Laws and Spiritual Powers at a conference in Raleigh and it’s fascinating stuff! I decided to focus on the powers of will and release in my own life.

Release has to do with letting go of any negative thoughts and ideas that make you feel separate from other people or a Higher Power and that impede your growth. Will has to do with seeing the positive in you and me and leading from a place in which you respect and value each of us as unique expressions of Divine energy.

But what do you do when you’re not seeing the good, that Divine spark, in another person? What do we do when other people are acting out (or worse, we’re acting out–come on, we all do it, doll…)?

I personally like to affirm that Higher Order is always at work in my life, no matter what the outer appearance may be. Another way of saying this is that there is a higher order and benevolent energy at work in all things. After all, entropy or supposed chaos has it’s own order–The great physicists have proven that.

You can choose to tap into this orderly energy OR you can focus on the appearance of disorganization or disharmony in your life. For me, some weeks ago that meant letting go of the fact that my car had gone into the shop for the FOURTH time and was still not fixed.

Hmmmmm. What could be the gift in this situation? I was feeling peeved, I was feeling inconvenienced, I was feeling downright irritated and frustrated at having to juggle cars with my husband. But then I realized, I can be grateful that I HAVE a car to use most days, one that will get me where I need to go, without limitations.

Give thanks for what you do have!  Instead of focusing on the inconvenience, I CHOSE to focus on the fact that I have a car, which is a lot more than most people in many countries. I remembered from my time volunteering in Guatemala that only about 10% of the population own their own cars. Imagine that you are the only one out of ten of your friends who has their own transportation. Or you’re one of the nine out of ten folks who don’t have a car of their own and the freedom and mobility that provides.

Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

So, tell me, what are YOU griping about or peeved by today? Can you let it go? And if you choose to let it go, what gift could you find in the midst of a “difficult” situation?

Why not focus on the GOOD in your life and in YOU? It takes less muscles and energy to smile–Why not make things easy on yourself? 🙂

Onwards, to your success!

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