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I’m Dr. Barnsley Brown and I’d like to share with you my fun and informative e-book, How to Overcome Overwhelm in 7 Easy Steps.

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how to manage yourself and your resources so you have 2+ more hours per day to spend how YOU want


how to get rid of energy drains and energy vampires so you have abundant energy for YOUR life


how to get off your “but” and stop making excuses for what you don’t like in your life


how to harness your intuitive powers and creativity so you can do ANYTHING


and a secret that is worth more than a good set of molars to a 97-year old…plus much much more!

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    ​Hey You!

    Still not convinced you must have this report?

    Let me tell you a pithy version of my story. When I was a grad student in the 1990s (and this was before all the information overload we have now), I was overworked, overtired, and overwhelmed. I took a full course load, worked three jobs to put myself through grad school, volunteered at my church, started two businesses, worked out five times a week, and ended up getting counseling because I HAD NO LIFE!

    Sure, my life was packed with things to do but I was missing EVERYTHING in my life because I didn’t relish any of it. I was “taking care of business” for everyone and everything and not taking care of my own needs, especially my need (and right) to be happy!

    Is your life more a have-to-do list than a get-to-do list?? If so, we’ve gotta change that! I’d like to share with you seven secrets that helped me get my sanity—and my life—back!

    And yes, I’m giving this report to you FREE along with a fabulous free subscription to Spirited Solutions for Your Success, my weekly ezine featuring readers’ challenges and my fun, idea-rich coaching solutions.

    This ezine will inspire and touch you as well as give you a GBK (gentle butt kick) at times. I want you to live the balanced and prosperous life of your dreams—and I’ll do everything I can to help YOU make it happen!

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    To your success, Onwards!





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