Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of Old Energy Attachments

This article appeared in the April/May 2001  issue of  Innerchange.

As flowers bloom and the air smells of spring, our thoughts naturally turn to letting go of the old. We start throwing out clutter, packing up clothes we no longer need or want, and giving our homes a much-needed deep scrub. In the midst of all this cleaning, it is sometimes easy to forget that our bodies and spirits need a deep cleaning as well.

One of the most powerful methods of cleansing the body, mind, and spirit is releasing old energy attachments, thought forms that have taken hold in the body in the form of negative energetic blueprints. These energy attachments can arise in all sorts of circumstances. Sometimes they are the result of a traumatic event, such as a sexual assault, a divorce, or the death of a loved one. Sometimes they come as coping mechanisms to help us deal with our nascent sexuality during puberty or to ease our way through some other rite of passage. Sometimes they are inherited from our families of origin and passed on in the form of erroneous beliefs about ourselves such as “I am not worthy of love” or “I can never have a healthy relationship.”

While these thought forms do serve us for a particular period of time and do help us survive under difficult circumstances, eventually we outgrow them. We begin to feel restless and dissatisfied, aware that our old modes of thinking and acting no longer work. Yet, we are unsure about how to leave the old behind and to go forward with our lives.

Old energy attachments are the energetic equivalent of rust and corrosion on the body of an otherwise beautiful, maybe even luxury, sedan. Imagine a brand new silver Lexus, complete with power everything, a sun (and moon) roof, fancy rims, a computerized navigational system, climate-controlled seats, and every other amenity you can imagine. Yet when you look under the frame of the car, what do you find but a rusted underbody. You reach beneath the car and nasty bits of corrosion flake off or drip into your hand, forming a slimy, wet mass of brown gunk.

On the surface, the car looks wonderful, but it has a serious problem that needs attention or it eventually will not be drivable. We, too, may look great on the outside, but our bodies, minds, and spirits need attention. In particular, when we cleanse out energetic attachments which have settled in our bodies and minds—oftentimes for years—we are then able to fill that new energetic “space” with what our hearts most desire.

As we enter further into the new millennium, we are being prompted more powerfully than ever before to let go of what no longer serves us! We are also being called to fulfill our own particular missions. Many people are leaving “secure” jobs in the corporate world or other institutions in order to follow the insistent voices of their hearts. Old energy attachments, like anything (or anyone) outworn in our lives, are obstacles to our growth. We must let them go to move forward and achieve a higher spiritual purpose.

In my work to cleanse and clear clients of energy attachments, I combine spiritual counseling, dowsing, kinesiology, toning, and Reiki to identify where the attachments are in the body and at what age they first appeared. I lead each client through a gentle, very powerful process that releases the energy attachments and thus frees him or her to fill this new energetic “space” with more love, light, peace, or prosperity of mind, body, and spirit..

Clearing out energy attachments brings both physical and emotional release for the client and helps him or her to consciously reject negative thought patterns that are counterproductive. Many clients experience profound emotions during the release and report feeling lighter—both physically and spiritually—after our sessions.

I have seen my clients achieve a number of powerful objectives after clearing out this old physical and psychic “crud.” One client has become abundantly prosperous, another is practicing speaking up for herself and setting healthy boundaries with loved ones, another has felt her depression lift, and yet another is taking care of herself well in spite of a very stressful job. Others are releasing addictions to sex and relationships, and finding their true missions.

The effects of cleaning old these old energy attachments depend on the individual’s needs, desires, and particular spiritual journey. The only requirement for a successful cleansing is that the client be willing to let go of the old. Spring cleaning of the self brings incredible benefit, ranging from increased energy to a new, higher vision for your life. This healing work lets you claim and reclaim the space that these energy attachments have been occupying and fill it with your own divine vision.

As we let go of the old and open to the new, we are participating in the divine flow of energy as well as the natural cycle of life/death/rebirth. This work is a powerful complement to any type of healing work you are already doing, ranging from therapeutic massage to traditional psychotherapy. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to “spring clean” your body, mind, and spirit so you not only look good on the outside but also feel good on the inside!

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