Putting Out Fires

This article appeared in the Fall 2003 issue of Spirited Solutions’ Newsletter.

I recently cleared out my day, planning to catch up on all my paperwork and write this newsletter. I was asking God what to write about. The topic was not yet clear and so I settled down to other things.

Lo and behold, a scented candle in a glass container in my bathroom upstairs exploded and caught the shower curtains on fire. It was my beloved 15-year-old cat, Claude, who howled like a hyena so that I ran upstairs to find my room and bathroom engulfed in smoke, the bathroom on fire.

If you EVER doubt that we have Divine help and angels all around us, I hope you will reconsider! Somehow, I was able to reach through the blazing shower curtains, grab a dinky little shower head, and put that fire out.

Then I opened a window, stuck my head out for fresh air (the smoke was dark and toxic) and ran downstairs. By this time, my neighbor pounded on my door, prompted by the smoke billowing out the window and the smoke alarms.

I handed my largest dog to him first, then the little four-pound one, and then I rushed back upstairs, into the smoke, to find my cats.

I finally found Cotton but I couldn’t find Claude, the old-timer, who had alerted me to the fire even before the smoke alarms went off. I scrambled through the house, looking in and under everything and praying aloud. Finally I found Claude behind a bed, and we got out of the house. Everyone was safe!

The fire department showed up five minutes later. What would have happened if I had not been able to put that fire out? When I went to the doctor, they were amazed that my lungs were functioning well and my pulse and blood pressure were normal. I had second degree burns on my arms and hand, but they didn’t even hurt. In short, the entire event, though traumatic, was also a miracle!

Where have you been putting out fires in your life? Do you think that you are dealing with a crisis or problem all alone and that God has abandoned you? What do you have to gain by calling on the all-powerful presence of Divine Spirit?

I know that God wants me—and you, too—on this planet right now! I also know Divine helpers guided me through that fire and continue to do so now! I thank God for being there for each of us, through every event, and for blessing me with awareness that it can all be snatched away very quickly. And I thank God for the animal angels who bless—and save—our lives!

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