Gratitude is POWER!

This article appeared in the November 2004 issue of Spirited Solutions’ E-Newsletter.

Why does Zig Ziglar say gratitude is the most important human emotion? What is it about gratitude that can change our lives so radically? Gratitude is the recognition of the opulence that is in our lives, right now! It is an emotional state in which we feel how blessed we are to be alive, right here, right now, at this particular point in history!

If you doubt the transformative power of gratitude, think about its opposites: self pity and ingratitude. When we’re not grateful, we wallow in a victim state. “Oh, my life will never change. I can’t get things done. I’m not making a profit. My relationship is on the rocks,” blah, blah, blah. Life has done this to us. We are the passive recipients of an unfair, untenable situation.

But when we are grateful, we are active! We actively thank people and our Higher Power for the role they play in our lives. You may think that when you thank someone else, you are doing something for them, but let me suggest another idea: When you thank someone else, you are simultaneously affirming within yourself and to the world that you deserve to be blessed in the way that that individual helped you. By thanking another, you are doing something powerful for yourself: You are making it okay to receive even more blessings from everyone and everything around you.

Think about a time in your life when you experienced flow and bounty, everything was going well, business was streaming in, your relationships were loving and supportive, and you felt fabulous! I’d warrant at that incredible time in your life in which everything just “clicked,” you were thanking God, other people, and the Universe for your success!

Do you want to be more successful, right now?? Do you want to be more fulfilled, energetic, and productive, right now? Take these steps today (and every day) and watch your personal and professional life transform. And do write me with your successes, okay?

Each day, make a habit of thanking at least one important person in your life your spouse, child, employee, boss, mail carrier, etc. for what they do to make your life better! Don’t just thank them verbally. Be creative! Write a card, leave chocolates at their door, create and a frame a computer certificate that says “World’s best _______” and fill it in with their name and the role they play in your life. Buy them flowers or a balloon! (And by the way, fellas like flowers and balloons too.)

Use your commuting time as a time to verbally give thanks for all the good in your life – the hot breakfast you just ate, the project you are working on, the new clients that have come your way, the beautiful flower that bloomed in your front yard overnight. When we make a practice of giving thanks for the large and the minute joys of our days, we become so much more aware of the prosperity we have at this very minute. Life becomes a cherished privilege rather than a burdensome struggle.

Each and every day, spend at least ten quality minutes connecting with a dear friend and a family member by phone or in person. Give that individual your complete attention, and listen carefully to what you discuss. The universe has a funny way of providing us with answers to our questions and problems in the form of “light” conversation! Light conversation can indeed shed light on a difficult situation and help you resolve issues more quickly.

Finally, when you feel down, discouraged, or depleted, give thanks! Give thanks for the problems, events, and challenges that are making you a resilient, resourceful, and wise human being! Remember that to somebody out there, you are a hero. Be grateful for the opportunity to set a powerful example in your gratitude and enthusiasm for life! You are making a difference!

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