Creating the Life and Work You Love!

This article appeared in the Fall/Winter 2005-2006 issue of Change Works.

Every day I follow my passion of helping people create lives and work they love! How did I get into personal and professional growth? By doing what I preach and teach! Five years ago, I walked away from a tenure-track offer at a university and a romantic relationship that had gone sour, and decided to start my own business, Spirited Solutions™. This wasn’t a choice I made on the spur of the moment; I had been planning my “escape” from academia for some time, and had been preparing myself financially, educationally, and emotionally to make the leap.

Years earlier, in 1994, I started teaching Reiki, an incredible method of natural healing that offers pain and stress relief, and I was clear that Reiki was part of my calling. I started my own private practice with individual clients, continued teaching group Reiki classes, and soon realized that my business acumen was really needed here in the triangle.

When the Durham Tech Small Business Center hired me to give my first seminar on creative marketing, I was so excited! Since then, I have developed a number of other dynamic programs on networking, customer service, avoiding business burning, turning your passions into a livelihood, and many other topics! And I started doing motivational speaking for conferences, associations, non-profits, and businesses several years ago.

My private practice also expanded. Before, I worked with people who needed the healing offered by Reiki, Thought Field Therapy™, kinesiology, dowsing, and some of the other alternative methods I’ve trained in. However, I also started doing business and personal coaching and added this to my repertoire as an Interfaith Minister offering counseling and healing services.

What I love about this work is that I have the opportunity to integrate all that I know to help people make lasting, fast changes in their lives! Who do I work with? Folks who feel stuck and want to get their lives moving in a positive direction! Folks who want to be excited about their lives and feel energized on a totally new level! Folks who know that now is the time to make their dreams become reality!

About two-thirds of my clients are women but more and more men are rising to the challenge of self-realization and fulfillment! People are looking for meaningful work, healthy relationships, and expression of their authentic selves! I get to help folks figure out what their passions are, how to pursue them, and how to balance their lives to have time, energy, and resources for what matters most to them.

So, do you want to make the most of your life? Do you want to be really, really happy on the deepest levels? Do you want to know why you’re here and DO what you’re meant to do?

You’re invited to subscribe to Spirited Solutions’ free e-newsletter and check out our exciting offerings at or call me at 919-967-1164 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  919-967-1164  end_of_the_skype_highlighting. And if you’re seriously looking for a counselor or coach, I’ll be happy to offer you a free 30-minute getting to know you session. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a life and work you love!

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