Let our Free Your Spirit™ Coaching and Counseling give you wings to soar personally and professionally!

At the beginning of our work, we will identify your top three to four personal and professional goals and diagnose the types of energy and thinking patterns that are standing in the way of your motivation, health, happiness, and personal development.

Then we will use my Free Your Spirit™ proprietary system integrating six different healing modalities to release what is holding you back. The number of sessions you require depends on many variables; your needs will become clear to both of us once we begin working together. As your Soul Coach, I will partner with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs, schedule, and budget.

60-Minute Free Your Spirit™ Sessions

In each hour-long session, we combine cutting edge healing methods with intuitive counseling and coaching strategies so you’re benefiting from three sessions in one. My goal as your Soul Coach is to help you clear away negative energy and thinking patterns that are causing you stress and blocking you from having the life balance, prosperity, happiness, and success you want RIGHT NOW!

Free Your Spirit™ sessions are offered individually or you can save over $55 by purchasing a Super-Saver Package of three sessions. You can use your three sessions anytime within six months. You can even choose to give one of them to a loved one so they can experience working with a Soul Coach.

Please note that payment is accepted in person the day of your appointment in cash or check, or at least two days in advance by credit/debit here.

Your sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or by Skype with a webcam if you prefer. If you are not local, you can save time and travel expenses by doing them via phone or Skype and your sessions will be just as effective as in person.

60-Minute Thought Field Therapy™ Get Un-Stuck™ Motivation Sessions

In each hour-long session, we quickly and effectively address two or three stressful thoughts or issues challenging you and help you release them. The relief you feel will be nearly instantaneous and in most cases, will continue after your session. Rarely do we have to treat the same issue or thought twice.

Developed by renowned psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, Thought Field Therapy™ is the method to seek out when you find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns that are undermining your happiness, motivation, empowerment, and personal development.

You’ll find that by the end of your session, the thought or issue that was upsetting you no longer consumes your energy. You will have the motivation to think positive thoughts and take positive actions that nourish you and create success, life balance, and prosperity.

You can also use Thought Field Therapy™ to overcome addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, certain foods, etc. Many of our clients have given up cigarettes, excessive drinking, and other unhealthy habits quite easily using Thought Field Therapy.

Your sessions with can be done in person, over the phone, or by Skype with a webcam if you prefer. If you’re not local, you can save time and travel expenses by doing them via phone or Skype and your sessions will be just as effective as in person.

Again note that payment is accepted in person the day of your appointment in cash or check, or at least two days in advance by credit/debit here. You can purchase one session or save over $50 with the Super-Saver Package and use your three sessions anytime within six months. You can even give one to a friend so they can experience a transformational session with a Soul Coach. What a lovely gift of better health, happiness, and empowerment!

Imagination allows us to escape the predictable. It enables us to reply to the common wisdom that we cannot soar by saying, “Just watch!”  ~Bill Bradley

This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow. ~Margaret Lindsey

DP, Health Care Recruitment Specialist, Durham, NC

When Dr. Barnsley Brown was recommended to me by a friend, I was going through having both a parent and a child with cancer and was searching for hope and strength. Barnsley was a saving grace to me through this time. She helped me deal with my mother’s transition and my daughter’s diagnosis. Barnsley also worked with my twenty-year-old daughter and freed her from the fear she had held onto for years as a result of a childhood sexual assault. Barnsley has been instrumental as a spiritual coach and counselor to our family and for that I’m forever grateful!

Debbie K., Retired Special Education Teacher and Volunteer for many organizations, Raleigh, NC

“Barnsley, I SO APPRECIATE ALL that you have done to help me toward living my best life! Your work with me supported many important transitions in my life, both physical and mental. During our time together my husband and I were able to find the home we were meant to be in, and I found that my true home is always the spiritual one within me. Our work served me well in releasing those I love to be free to live their own lives, without me feeling responsible for constantly ‘saving’ or ‘guiding’ them I have released many, many old ‘messages’ and outdated feelings I had programmed myself to believe about my own self-worth and proper roles to fill. I am now claiming the life I was meant to live in new fulfilling leadership roles with strength and confidence. I am also allowing joy and fun and ‘fire’ into my own life, knowing that enjoying and caring for myself is as valid and important as it is for others! I have learned to open up more about my own feelings and to be less of a dumping ground and processing station for other people’s emotions. I am now more honest and faithful to the truth of my own nature and living a lighter, much happier life! All the stuck energies that have been released have left me with much space for going forward. I can now do what I have been born to do without dragging all those oldie-moldie negativities with me! It has been an amazing personal transformation working with you, and one that I would not have had this soon (probably not in this lifetime) without your help!”

Caroline Armijo, Artist and Business Owner http://blog.carolinearmijo.com Washington, D.C.

“I first met Barnsley in one of her career coaching classes in 2003. She presented us with innovative networking ideas that helped me to expand the reach of my business prospects. I left with a list full of new potential clients of people I already knew. I was so impressed with her dynamic presentation that I hired her for a personal consultation. I hired Barnsley again in May 2009 to help me reduce my stress in regards to my most recent challenge. I was facing issues with breastfeeding and my anxiety level had reached an all-time high. My newborn daughter was not eating properly. . .Stress only exacerbates the problem. I knew that Barnsley helped relieve anxiety through Thought Field Therapy. I contacted her for a phone session. She promptly provided me with a time to meet. Our call consisted of brainstorming several action items to help me address some of the realities of being a new mothers, along with specific tasks I could do. . .We finished the call with the Thought Field Therapy. I ended the session with much-needed relief from the desperate feeling that was interfering with my role as a new mother.” 

Lori Paquette, Graphic Designer and Branding Expert, www.lip-design.com, Chapel Hill, NC

“I had the pleasure of working with Barnsley on several occasions last year, in her Reiki I and II workshops, plus individual coaching. Her intuition, guidance, wit and creative energy allowed me to create positive shifts in my energy and belief systems, unblocking a lot of obstacles that I had created in my business and personal life. She not only helped me removed these obstacles but also offered concrete plans to implement into my daily life to help me move forward and achieve a more balanced life.”  

Jen Madriaga, Poet and Novelist www.jenmadriaga.com Durham, NC

“With Barnsley’s assistance, I’ve been able to create success and momentum in my personal and professional life. As a writer who’d been stagnant and blocked for several years, I realized I needed outside guidance on how to jump-start my creativity. Barnsley helped facilitate the process of making my dreams and my work the number one priority. Having just left a lengthy marriage and as a mother of a small child, I felt overwhelmed by what to do next. As a result of Barnsley’s coaching and continual encouragement, I have now experienced (and continue to experience) positive transformation. I recently received a grant for emerging artists to assist with my writing career and have been able to find a supportive, creative community to help support my professional development. In addition, Barnsley has helped me to let go of self-defeating and negative thought processes and behaviors. We all have inner talents and strengths that may go latent and may even be forgotten over time. Barnsley helped me to remember what those things were. As a result of our ongoing coaching sessions, I now have a renewed self-confidence and newfound initiative to make creativity a vital and essential force in my life.” 

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