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Business Success Coaching and Counseling

Do you need help to get your business up and running or to expand and grow your current business? Do you need a Work Coach who can help you have more success, prosperity, and life balance? Spirited Solutions™ offers one-on-one business development tailored to your needs. We help you set and attain goals and find solutions to your business and work challenges.

Whether you need to spruce up your strategic marketing plan, increase your profits and prosperity, create life balance, or sharpen the saw in a spectrum of areas, we are there for you. Come in for a session and find the support, strategic marketing, and practical strategies you need to make your business (ad)venture and career thrive!

While we deal with general small business development, our specialty is helping you turn your passions into a livelihood and implement creative, low-cost on-line and off-line strategic marketing to position you as the go-to expert in your field and region. So get in touch and find out how what coaching with a Work Coach can do for your passionate business, your success, and your prosperity!

Individual coaching & counseling appointments also available by telephone or Skype.

Coaching helps you take stock of where you are now in all aspects of your life, and how that compares to where you would like to be. ~Elaine MacDonald

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you. ~T. Alan Armstrong

BJ, Artist and Art Educator in Carrboro, NC

Just want to thank you, Barnsley, for all you do in the realm of assisting people to ‘live their dream.’ It is really important work to assist people into their joy and true work. I am making headway on all the things I learned from you… And it is joyful and fun too! Thank you for all your help!”

Anita Woodley, CEO of Anity Woodley Productions, Durham, NC anitawoodley.com

Dr. Barnsley Brown’s presentations and coaching have assisted me in increasing my sales and broadening my reach as a performing artist exponentially! I quickly implemented strategies she suggested to boost my product sales and immediately sold out at my first event after that! You can count on Dr. Barnsley to be direct, present, and invested in your success and to customize a program that helps you reach the next level of your success! She’s a speaker and coach who will give you results every time whether you hire her to speak to your group or coach you individually. Two words: Hire her!

Pat Phelan, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, Chapel Hill NC

I’ve worked with Barnsley for over a year now and we have focused particularly on devising creative methods I can comfortably use to ask for referrals. As a result of our work, my referrals have increased by over one third! I am taking special care to cultivate strong professional relationships with my best clients and passing the others on to new associates. I am well on my way to making my financial goals a reality. My coaching sessions with Barnsley are energizing (and even fun!) and help me keep my goals in the forefront so I can reach them faster and easier, with less stress!

William VanHook, CPA and Expert Profit Coach and Cash Tutor, Durham, NC www.thecashtutor.com

A colleague of mine provided high praise for Dr. Barnsley, and Dr. Barnsley did not fail to disappoint. Primarily, because she did not fail to inspire. She took a professional who had just about become complacent with ‘what is’ and helped him ponder ‘what if’…and then continued to remind him that ‘what if’ is possible. She is persistent on providing the outcomes that you lay out for yourself, and those you didn’t think you were capable of achieving. If you want to meet someone who is passionate for igniting inner fortitude, have a conversation with Dr. Barnsley.

Kirsten Klump, Senior Trainer and Training Consultant, Durham NC

Barnsley, you have done an outstanding job of faciliating our Mastermind group! Because of your hard work, dedication, and willingness to include all in participation, we have truly flourished. This has been an amazing experience for me and for the other five members. I wish more folks could have this kind of group interaction and group dynamics. The contacts and friendships I have made and the excellent ideas and information exchanged make me a better person and better at what I do. You’re the best!

K. Michele Grunwald, MPA, Director of the Daniel Boone Tutor Center, and Business Owner, Hillsborough, NC www.mathforwomen.wordpress.com

Wow, what an incredible time! I sat down with Dr. Barnsley for a short time and walked away with more focus and direction than I could ever have imagined. Even when I had already implemented many of her suggestions, her approach and review helped create order out of everything and clarify where I need to go next. She really helped me organize all the parts, and now I have specific, actionable steps I know to take–and they’re doable! Thanks Dr. Barnsley for all the great practical, actionable ideas. You rock!

Kallen King, Director of Training and Recruitment, Best Distributing Company, Goldsboro NC

I attended Barnsley Brown’s life-changing seminar, “Top Traits of Highly Effective Women,” and felt like she was speaking just to me. I drove all the way to Chapel Hill to have my first coaching session with Barnsley. As a direct result of our work together over the last year, I have asked for and been rewarded a promotion, redefined my roles at home and work, become a leader in local networking groups, taken control of my finances, saved thousands of dollars on my morgage, and changed my entire attitude so I feel empowered to accomplish whatever goal I set for myself. Working with Barnsley has helped me take charge of my life and create and pursue opportunities I would never have seen before! Thank you, Barnsley, very very very much!

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