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    Meet Kickass Coach and Business Maven Dr. Barnsley Brown

    Dr. Barnsley Brown, a proud “steel magnolia” from a lineage of resilient Southern women, marries her ancestral storytelling prowess with the entrepreneurial acumen of her family in her empowerment coaching and keynote speeches.

    An alumnus of Wake Forest University with further education in France, England, and a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she formerly taught at prestigious institutions before founding Spirited Solutions™. As its President, Dr. Barnsley is passionate about empowering individuals, especially women, business owners, and educators, to achieve balance and prosperity.

    A member/alumnus of esteemed organizations such as the National Speakers Association and the Association of Talent Development, she’s also a master trainer in the Reiki Method for stress relief. With works featured in numerous publications, she’s authored the two-book and audio package, “Get Out of Debt and Get On With Your Life,” guiding business owners and women towards prosperity. Dr. Barnsley is also a frequent guest on podcasts as well as the host of the weekly Bold Badass Business Show, which you can enjoy and subscribe to at https://www.youtube.com/drbarnsleync.