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Is your life more inspiration or perspiration? Do you struggle to get things done and rarely find time for who and what you love? Do you often feel stress and want more success?

You’re not alone, and Dr. Barnsley can help! Check out “Dr Barnsley’s Spirited Solutions for Your Success” by clicking on the Blog button at the top right.

Send us your obstacles to creating more life balance and success . We’ll provide Spirited Solutions to help you get your stress under control and create life balance and prosperity right now. Our commitment is to give you the GBK (gentle butt kick) you need to stop living in “someday” and instead start making your dream life real today!

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Soar into success with Spirited SolutionsTM! What do we provide?

Spirited Solutions™ offers the following services to help you create and experience balance and prosperity in every area of your life!

Wings for Your Personal Success

  • Group Reiki Classes
  • Individual Reiki Treatments
  • Intuitive Counseling & Thought Field Therapy
  • E-zine
Wings for Your Professional Success

  • Business Counseling & Coaching
  • Business Seminars & Workshops
  • Motivational Keynotes
  • E-zine

Who can benefit from our services?

You! … If you want more time, money, and energy–right now!
You! … If you are striving for excellence at work or considering starting the business of your dreams.
You! …If you feel dissatisfied, stuck, burned out, and bored and want to be passionate about life again!

Why do our clients love Barnsley and Spirited SolutionsTM?

“I  have been to hundreds of presentations at business trade events, conferences and professional women association meetings and I have to say that the most energetic, educational, inspirational, and downright fun speaker of all was (and is) Dr. Barnsley Brown.  I just booked her for my business group in Wilmington and they loved her.  She engaged everyone present, and many people I know came just because they found out Dr. Barnsley was speaking.  Don’t miss out!  Book her now!”  Nancy Bolts, Author and President of Bolts Creative Communications

“I have attended Barnsley Brown’s business and Reiki seminars and had individual coaching with her. She is a vivacious and entertaining presenter with an obvious command of her subject matter. Her coaching has helped me identify and stay focused on my goals and guided me on the steps to take to achieve them. I am excited to recommend both Barnsley’s coaching and her presentations! In fact, I landed the job of my dreams by attending Barnsley’s awesome seminar on networking savvy! “ SS, Occupational Therapist, Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC

“This is the best seminar I ever attended–and I’ve attended many! The extremely creative, practical information was presented in a fun, memorable way!” BF, President of Environmental Consulting Firm, Chatham County, NC

“It was such a delight to have Dr. Barnsley Brown facilitate our Women’s Power Networking Executives Women Roundtable.  The enthusiasm in the room was contagious.  Dr. Brown was a great facilitator, she had everyone in the room participating and excited about who were they were and how they were going to proceed in their lives and businesses.  She shared numerous resources that I will be using to expand my businesses.”  Marilyn Shannon, Co-Founder and National Director of Women’s Power Networking

“Dr. Barnsley, we have received really positive feedback and evaluations from your three trainings for over 220 of our county employees last week. You grabbed people’s attention from the beginning and kept it through the end, and you were able to connect well with everyone in our diverse group. Your topic of Loving Your Job is really relevant and you provided excellent, action-oriented strategies to help each employee have a positive perspective of their job and mission in Bladen County. Some of the comments from evaluations include: ‘Super Speaker! Have her back again!’ ‘Great course, I see things differently now,’ ‘It kept you listening!,’ “Loved it! Awesome Speaker,’ and ‘Best class in years!’ Thank you for the great enthusiasm, energy, and information you provided for our employees.” Gregory Martin, Bladen County Manager, Elizabethtown, NC

“Dear Barnsley, Thanks for an excellent presentation! I feel that my wife and I left the seminar with a wealth of practical information to apply to our progressive lives. We are eternally grateful. Your style of delivery is both inspiring and engaging.” HJ, Independent Associate, Caswell County, NC

“Hi Barnsley, I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your creative marketing for artists seminar at the Arts Incubator the other night! We were talking on the way back to class and everyone in our group said they thought yours was the best motivational/marketing/coaching experience we’ve ever had! Thanks again.” Libba Adams, Artist

“Dr. Brown kept everyone excited by her spirit, enthusiasm, and knowledge! Excellent seminar!” Business Owner, Durham, NC

“Thank you Barnsley for the Creative Marketing for Artists seminar that has already helped me to write my artist mission statement and given me numerous marketing ideas to get my paintings veiwed by a larger public audience with disposable income. Your presentation is full of energy, is very entertaining and extremely informative. You give the tools to turn a hobby into a thriving business!” Michael Urbowicz, Graphite and Watercolor Artist

“I recommend Barnsley Brown as a seminar facilitator because she’s great! She’s enthusiastic and passionate, direct and personable!” CM, Business Owner, Alamance County, NC

“Dear Dr. Barnsley Brown, Thank you so much for the seminar you presented tonight here in Albemarle for the SBC…. Hearing you remind of us how special our individual art gifts are and how much the world needs us was such a rallying call to me to ‘keep-a-goin’! I really needed your seminar tonight to remember what my purpose is and see the end vision of painting again in my studio. This was a marvelous gift from our community college. Any town that values its local artists and craftspeople should invest in them by making these motivating and enlightening seminars by Dr. Barnsley Brown available!” Leslie Carter, Artist and Business Owner

“My favorite part of this seminar was Barnsley’s energy and enthusiasm. She held my attention and made every word stick in my mind. She shines as a speaker and keeps her audience captivated! Thank you, Barnsley!” CC, Billing Team Manager, Medical Services Company, Durham, NC

“The program was fun, interesting, and very informative. More programs with Barnsley Brown! She’s an excellent, engaging, and FUN presenter!” Business Owner, Chapel Hill, NC

“Dr. Brown was excellent, very energetic and very knowledgeable–She enjoys her job and it shows!” CB, Customer Service Manager, Clayton, NC