Motivational Keynotes

Dr. Barnsley Brown’s spirited motivational speeches and keynotes give you and your colleagues wings to soar personally and professionally! The following keynotes are available and can be tailored to your group.

We specialize in your success and empowerment, serving as a motivational catalyst for professional growth and positive transformation in individuals, companies, and organizations!

“Loving Your Job! The Three A’s of Success”

Let Barnsley inspire and motivate you and your colleagues to do the best job possible—and enjoy it! In this fast-moving keynote, Barnsley takes you through a detailed self-assessment of your attitudes towards work and gives you proven strategies to make the most of what you do. Each participant will leave not only with practical tools to improve their job performance and satisfaction, but also with an action plan for success! Create a harmonious, productive, team-oriented work environment and work force through this fast-paced, fun motivational speech!

“Become a Master Motivator: Leading Yourself and Others to Soaring Success!”

What do extraordinary leaders know that most people don’t? What leadership style do you (un)consciously bring to your life and how is it enhancing or sabotaging your impact and effectiveness? Learn how to inspire personal and professional success in this spirited keynote that spurs you to become a master motivator and manager of yourself and others.

“The Top Traits of Highly Effective Business Leaders”

It has been said that great leaders are not born but made. Which counterproductive leadership styles are sabotaging your impact? How can you become a servant leader who motivates and engages every member of a team rather than dictates and oversees the group as a whole? Come learn the top traits of highly effective leaders and how to develop these in yourself and others. Whether you are a new or experienced leader, this fast-paced motivational keynote will spur you to become the leader you dream of being, committed both to people and outcomes.

“The Top Traits of Highly Effective Women”

What does it take to be a phenomenal woman? What are the major challenges facing women at work and at home, and how can we overcome them by developing qualities and competencies that ensure our success and empowerment? Let this motivational speech help you discover the top traits of highly effective women and take away practical strategies to enhance your professional growth and take charge of your time, energy, and life!

“How SMART™ Women Beat Stress and Business Burnout!”

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Is taking care of yourself last on your list of things to do? Find out what you can do to simplify your work, beat stress and burnout, and create time to recharge your batteries. It’s time to get SMART™ with one of our most popular motivational speeches. You’ll learn proven methods that will help you take care of yourself and take care of business!

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ~William James

“How SMART™ Professionals Beat Stress and Business Burnout!”

We talk about energy sustainability and its importance to our environment, but what about your own personal and professional store of energy? Why do we often overlook our most precious resources of time, energy, intellectual capital, and more? What can we do to replenish and maximize these vital resources? Discover how you can beat stress, banish procrastination, and harness fast methods for renewing and sustaining your energy and professional growth. Learn to get SMART™ and make the most of your time, energy, and resources in this high-voltage keynote.

NEW!  “5-Minute Techniques to Relieve Your Stress and Get Energized for Business Success”

Got stress?  Come experience some quick and easy natural pick-me-ups that can help you take care of yourself and take care of business!  Want to have more energy and positivity right now?  Attend this fun seminar and take away easy-to-implement techniques you can enjoy for years to come.

“It’s All in the Relationships! Business Networking Secrets of the Pros”

What are the secrets of effective, enjoyable networking? How can you attract everything you need? Learn how the GAB principle and relationship building strategies can market you and your company more powerfully than any job search or advertising campaign you could launch. Become a smart socializer and leverage your online and offline contact with prospects, clients, colleagues, and co-workers to create the success and empowerment you desire right now!

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
~Henry Ford

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