Business Development Seminars

Dr. Barnsley Brown and Spirited Solutions™ give you and the members of your company or organization wings to soar into success, personally and professionally.

The following business development programs are available as a half- or full-day seminar, lunch and learn, business speech, keynote, and break-out session. If you don’t see what you need, ask us and we’ll let you know if it is within our areas of expertise. If not, we’ll be pleased to refer you to another keynote speaker or trainer who fits your needs.


“How SMART™ Professionals Beat Stress and Burnout!”

Would you like 2+ extra hours every day for who and what you enjoy? We talk about energy sustainability and its importance to our environment, but what about your own personal and professional store of energy? How can you beat stress, banish procrastination, and find fast methods to renew and sustain your energy? Learn to get SMART™ in this high-voltage keynote or training session!

NEW! “Do Less, Earn More in Your Start-Up or Established Business”

Get off the hamster wheel and get your life back now!  Discover how to increase your profit while you create 2+ more hours daily for who and what you love. Use Dr. Barnsley’s proven HBDO formula to create a marketing and self management strategy that lets you focus on the top priorities in your business and life. Find out how to leverage interns, family, friends, colleagues, and other professionals to grow your business and free up your time for what you enjoy and do best.

“Power Up Your Prosperity with Principles that PERFORM in Life and Business”

Do your bills outnumber your profits? Would you like to learn money-saving techniques and principles that grow and prosper your work or small business development and let you lead an opulent life? Start wiping out debt and raking in wealth with this fun, interactive business speech guaranteed to help you achieve more success and prosperity in your life and work.

“Stop Selling Yourself Short and Start Selling Like a Pro”

To find a new job or create success in any business, you’ve got to know how to sell yourself and your product or service. Come learn how to convert even difficult prospects into paying (and happy!) customers using credibility marketing, content marketing, recommendation selling, and proven methods that enable you and the customer to enjoy the sales process. Get ready for your sales to soar as you hone your natural ability to engage, persuade, advise, and serve others in this vital seminar!

“Double Your Contacts, Double Your Income!: Business Networking Secrets of the Pros”

What are the secrets of effective, enjoyable networking? How can you attract everything you need in business and life? Learn how the GAB principle and relationship building strategies can market you and your business more powerfully than any job search or advertising campaign you could launch. Become a smart socializer and leverage your online and offline contact with prospects, clients, colleagues, and co-workers to create the success you desire right now!

“Loving Your Job!”

Let yourself and your colleagues be inspired and motivated to do the best job possible and enjoy it! In this high-energy keynote or seminar, you’ll complete a detailed self-assessment of your attitudes towards work/business and learn sixteen powerful strategies to make the most of what you do, becoming a successful professional or “passionpreneur.”


“How SMART™ Women Beat Stress and Burnout!”borders

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Is taking care of yourself last on your list of things to do? Find out what you can do to simplify your work, beat stress and burnout, and create time to recharge your batteries. It’s time to get SMART™ and learn proven methods that will help you take care of yourself and take care of business!

“The Top Traits of Highly Effective Women”

Discover what it takes to be a phenomenal woman in this seminar version of our very popular keynote. You’ll take away practical strategies to take charge of your time, energy, business/career and life, as well as an action plan for success. Join the ranks of women who balance their personal and professional responsibilities while actively pursuing their individual dreams and business development.

NEW!  “The Top Traits of Highly Effective Women in Business”
Find out how to leverage your strengths as a woman in business, how to build a powerful team, how to deploy Dr. Barnsley’s infamous HBDO strategy to maximize your productivity, and how to navigate sticky business scenarios with ease. Give up stress by working smarter, not harder, and save time and energy for who and what you love most. This seminar will show you how!


“Turn Your Passions into a Livelihood and Create the Small Business of Your Dreams!”
Tired of the nine to five work world? Laid off? Looking for opportunities? Create them for yourself with the help of this exciting workshop geared for those at the exploration or start-up phase of a new business. Learn strategies for success, low-cost or free resources available for small business development, the qualities of successful entrepreneurs, and more for your and business (ad)venture!

“Creative Marketing and Branding to Boost Your Home Town Business”

Want to learn proven, practical methods to grow and market your business in a small town? In this seminar, you’ll learn why branding and credibility marketing are so vital to becoming known in your community/industry, and you’ll come away with concrete feedback and tactics to help you do both successfully. As a bonus, you’ll learn Dr. Barnsley’s secret strategic marketing tips that help you think big in your small town!

“Creative Marketing to Boost Your Small Business”

Does your marketing plan need some life breathed into it? Do you want to attract customers in innovative, cost-effective ways? Would you like to actually enjoy marketing your business? If so, this informative, dynamic seminar is for you. Get the scoop on creative strategic marketing strategies that make you and your business stand out and prosper in a competitive economy.

“Creative Online Marketing Part 1: How to Leverage Blogs, Ezines, and Article Marketing to Increase Your Business with Style!”

Learn to leverage the power of internet marketing methods to position you and your business as tops in your field.  Compete with the big dogs on a Chihuahua budget.  This down-to-earth, fun seminar series is free of “Geek Speak” and will help you package your service or product into exciting low-cost or no-cost formats.  Discover how to delight your customers, get your website in front of qualified prospects, and generate new business while you sleep.

 “Creative Online Marketing Part 2: How to Leverage Internet Radio, Video, and Social Media to Increase Your Business with Style!”

This companion seminar to Part 1 focuses on how to position yourself, provide value, and attract new business using the mediums of internet radio, video, and social media.  You’ll discover how and why you must repurpose intellectual capital to boost your position in the search engines and keep your clients and prospects engaged and excited about what you do. Attendance is not required for Part I but is strongly encouraged so you will have a wide range of online strategies to integrate into your strategic marketing and small business development.

Creative Marketing for Artists and Crafters Part 1: How to Make Your New or Existing Art Business Successful”

Come find out why marketing your work is as exciting and creative as the process of making art! Learn the top ten strategic marketing methods of over twenty-five artists-painters, sculptors, folks artists, jewelry makers, musical instrument makers, theater artists, writers, crafters, etc.–who make their livings from their art business. Stop suffering from starving artist syndrome and instead become a marketing maven in this fun, invigorating seminar!

Creative Marketing for Artists Part 2:  33 Fun Ways to Increase Your Art Business Sales and Success”

Are you running out of ideas for what to do with your art? Come to this fun, invigorating seminar and get a taste of thirty-three free or low-cost ways you can get your art out there, get it seen, and get it sold! Be sure to bring some of your art along too so we can brainstorm what will work best for you and your particular talent/medium.

“Boost Sales and Save Big in Your Art Business: Market Your Art with Barter!”

Explore one of the best ways to market your art, attract new customers, increase referrals, build relationships, and create a team of professionals you can rely upon while saving lots of money! Learn how to initiate, define, and fulfill mutually beneficial barter agreements using your personal and professional connections, the internet, and other resources. When you share and market your art through barter, you’ll be amazed at the results!

NEW! “Success Secrets to Sell Your Art and Create a Profitable Art Business”

Do you love creating art but hate selling it?  Do you easily sell everyone else’s creations but get stuck when it comes to your own?  Would you like to inspire more people to purchase your art and create a more profitable art business?   If so, this seminar is for you.  Discover the top success secrets you can use to create soaring sales and eager buyers for your art.  Be sure to bring a sample of your art with you to this energizing, exciting seminar.

 “Public Speaking Secrets to Market Yourself and Your Business with Pizzazz”

Learn dramatic methods to jazz up even the most boring business topic and market/sell your service or product with pizzazz! Master your fear of public speaking, learn presentation skills that persuade tough audiences, and find out how to use credibility marketing to outperform your competitors. Best of all, learn how to get PAID to market your business and attract new clients.

“Market Your Business, Save Big Bucks, and Boost Sales–BARTER!

Explore the best way to create new customers, increase referrals, build relationships, and assemble a team of experts you can rely upon while you save mega business bucks!  Learn how to initiate, finalize, and fulfill barter agreements using your personal and professional network, the internet, and other resources.  Explore win-win barter agreements that contribute to your small business development and catapult you and your barter partners to success.

The Top Traits of Highly Effective Business Leaders”

It has been said that great leaders are not born but made. Which counterproductive leadership styles are sabotaging your impact and success? Come learn the top traits of highly effective leaders and how to develop these in yourself and others. Whether you are a new or experienced leader, this fast-paced seminar or business speech will get you on the way to becoming the leader you want to be in business and life.

“Motivating and Team Building for Business Leaders”

When you think of a “team” do you automatically think sports? Think again. You are surrounded by teams everywhere you go, in everything you do. Learn to inspire others to action, to be a leader who motivates rather than dictates, and to lead your family, club, church group, business mastermind, colleagues, employees, and other groups you are a part of to excellence. Become a master motivator and join forces with those around you to create home run results in a collaborative, can-do context.

NEW! “Self Management for Business Leaders”

You can only be an effective manager of others when you know how to manage yourself. Come explore your signature strengths and how positivity can impact your results in life and business. Discover how to leverage what you do well, overcome procrastination, get a handle on stress, and be more productive. To get the most out of this seminar, take the free VIA (Values in Action) Strengths Survey available at and bring your completed survey with you. Managing yourself better will make managing your life and other people much easier and more enjoyable.

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