What the Heck are New Year’s (Re)solutions?

This article appeared in the Winter/Spring 2004 issue of Spirited Solutions’ Newsletter.

Does your throat close up when you think about making resolutions for the new year??? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why I’d like to suggest that we all take a much gentler and more effective approach.
First of all, grab a pen and paper. Don’t hesitate! Do it now! Spend ten minutes with me right this moment that will change your life, I guarantee it!

Let’s get started. Just answer these questions quickly and simply. Don’t belabor them, and don’t get caught up in a bunch of details. Just jot down clear, direct answers, okay?

  1. What are three to five goals you would like to accomplish in the next six months? For example, one of mine is to work on writing my book two mornings a week.
  2. What are three to five goals you would like to achieve in the next year? Make your goals specific. (Witness the power of “I want to work out at least 45 minutes three times a week” versus the vague, “I want to lost weight.” Specific, measurable, attainable goals get results!)
  3. Which people are most important to you in your life?
  4. What are the most essential activities/pursuits in your life?

Now take your answers and get real! Are you doing something every day to keep your goals in sight? Are you nourishing the people you love? Are you cultivating yourself by doing the things you are passionate about on a daily basis?

Keep your answers to these questions on your desk, your refrigerator, your dashboard and remember that these are your chartings for the new year. Don’t make the ordinary negative resolutions (“I want to give up smoking,” “I want to lose weight,” blah, blah, blah.) Instead, make (re)solutions in which you identify what you want most and determine the specific means to make these dreams reality.

An example of a strong (re)solution: “I plan to work out three times at week in order to lose ten pounds and be healthy and fit.” Keep the benefits in the forefront! Why are you doing what you’re doing, and what do you (re)solve to change? Why not let Spirited Solutions™ give you a hand? Positive, powerful, dynamic change is what we’re all about! Happy new year and new you!