Why did I start this blog?

I got frustrated with just coaching one person at a time or having an impact on a group of people I presented for but then never seeing them again. It's all kind of like eating just one bite of a chocolate cheesecake --and then dumping the rest in the trash.

This is Our Space for Life Transformation

I want this to be our ongoing space for transformation, a space where we can share struggles and successes and coach YOU to create what you hunger for in your personal and professional life. I'd like to help you find and live your BLISS!

What are the biggest challenges and obstacles to your prosperity and fulfillment? What makes you feel out of whack, off kilter, and out of sorts? What keeps you from feeling like a success in every area of your life? What is the biggest thorn in your derriere? (That was tactfully put, wasn't it?)

Send Me Your Questions About Leading a Prosperous and Balanced Life

Please send your questions and challenges! You can post them here or you can email them to me at barnsley@spirited-solutions.com. (Don't forget the dash in the middle, okay?) I'll choose one or two per week to feature.

Please include your first name or initials, town or city, state, and country. Then stay tuned to our blog for the answer to your question or issue. While some issues I may stay away from, like tax laws (and you should thank me for that because it is bor--ing!), I am committed to helping you find your way to a balanced and successful life.

I will give you a forthright, real-life answer that provides a GBK (Gentle Butt Kick) moving you forward to the life of your dreams!

In case you're wondering, yes I do believe you can live the life of your dreams and make a livelihood doing what you love. I do it every day and so can you! I look forward to sharing what does and doesn't work for both of us--Feel free to take what makes sense and jettison the rest.

I'm here to help you have the kick-butt life of your dreams, so hey, let's get started!

Let me know what's pestering YOU!

To your success,


Dr. Barnsley


How to Achieve Goals Step by Step

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Question: “Barnsley, I’ve got several huge projects to tackle at home and work and I’m overwhelmed!  Where do I start??  Arggghhh!” (This question comes from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous–We’ll call her “Overwhelmed Ophelia.”  Hang in there, girl and don’t you dare let yourself DROWN in all those projects!  Okay, I just had […]

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Overcome Fear & Make it Happen as Successful Entrepreneurs

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Question: Barnsley, I am in the process of starting a new business. I have done extensive research for the business and believe that it’s an excellent opportunity. The issue I have is analysis paralysis. How do I overcome the fear of moving forward? Rich in Cary, NC My Answer: Rich, I love your question, and […]

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How to Say No & Succeed as a Small Business Owner

17 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Wow! I’ve already received so many responses from you, all of which point to a deep hunger we feel just to have more TIME! We have cars, planes, and trains to get us to any destination faster, cell phones to connect us at any given moment, and high-speed internet to help us get any info […]

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